LA Times Crossword answers Monday 21 December 2020

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Los Angeles Times 21 December 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 21 December 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Leave unmentioned: OMIT

5 Source of French fries, informally: TATER

10 In good physical shape: FIT

13 Glowing review: RAVE

14 Mirror reflection: IMAGE

15 Army installation: BASE

16 In general: BYANDLARGE

18 Aches and pains: ILLS

19 Beachgoer's footwear: SANDALS

20 Cast-iron pan, often: SKILLET

22 Hardy's Miss Durbeyfield: TESS

24 A bit teary-eyed: MISTY

25 Air Force B-52, e.g.: BOMBER

29 Worker with bricks: MASON

32 Does as told: OBEYS

33 Pre-Easter period: LENT

34 What you wear: GARB

38 Post-it jotting: NOTE

39 Loaded with beef, say: MEATY

40 App-based car service: UBER

41 Unable to hear: DEAF

42 Cruel creature of fable: OGRE

43 Michael of "Alfie" (1966): CAINE

44 Beyond heavy: OBESE

46 Like many margarita glasses: SALTED

47 Keystroke-saving shortcut: MACRO

50 The "first" in "first and ten": DOWN

52 Like the taste of much breakfast juice: ORANGEY

55 Downloadable talk show: PODCAST

60 Nevada casino city: RENO

61 Bring on difficulty: BUYTROUBLE

63 From the beginning: ANEW

64 Need a Band-Aid, say: BLEED

65 Dog-biting pest: FLEA

66 Young fellow: LAD

67 Mails: SENDS

68 Govt. agents: FEDS


1 Spheres, to poets: ORBS

2 Yucat‡n native: MAYA

3 "Terrible" czar: IVAN

4 Work behind, as the bar: TEND

5 Boat's steering device: TILLER

6 Store up: AMASS

7 Waterproofing gunk: TAR

8 Omelet staples: EGGS

9 Stink to high heaven: REEK

10 Niagara __: FALLS

11 Speck in the ocean: ISLET

12 In a crabby mood: TESTY

15 Fluent in two tongues: BILINGUAL

17 Goes out with: DATES

21 Texter's "I think": IMO

23 Applied sloppily, as lipstick: SMEARED

25 "__, James __": BOND

26 Double-reed woodwind: OBOE

27 Self-referential, in modern lingo: META

28 "See you later": BYEFORNOW

30 Start the poker pot: ANTE

31 Pig's home: STY

33 Some chicken servings: LEGS

35 Slightly: ABIT

36 Russo of "Thor" movies: RENE

37 Raised, as cattle: BRED

39 The bossy Stooge: MOE

43 Like a positive attitude: CANDO

45 Where cranberries grow: BOG

46 Dueling weapons: SWORDS

47 Lesson from Aesop: MORAL

48 Place for a concert: ARENA

49 Repaired with wicker: CANED

51 __ out: declined: OPTED

53 Flows back: EBBS

54 Christmas season: YULE

56 Shirt sleeve's end: CUFF

57 Having the skill: ABLE

58 Vehicle pulled by huskies: SLED

59 They accompany crumpets: TEAS

62 Japanese coins: YEN

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