LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 21 February 2017

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Los Angeles Times 21 February 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 21 February 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 One in a bad mood: CRAB

5 Diplomat's asset: TACT

9 Vatican-related: PAPAL

14 Memorization method: ROTE

15 Patron saint of Norway: OLAF

16 Nimble: AGILE

17 High-tech bookmark: INTERNETADDRESS

20 African language group: BANTU

21 Winter bug: FLU

22 Cupid's counterpart: EROS

23 Safari beast: RHINO

26 Mystery writer whose Baltimore home is preserved as a museum: POE

28 Office gossip: WATERCOOLERTALK

35 Moved quickly, old-style: HIED

36 Meat inspector's org.: USDA

37 "Awesome!": ZOWIE

38 Office coffee holder, perhaps: URN

39 Hard-rock link: ASA

40 "O Sole __": MIO

42 1965 march state: Abbr.: ALA

43 Gold or silver: METAL

45 Rainbow flag initialism: LGBT

47 Gillette's __ II razor: TRAC

48 Right granted in the First Amendment: PROTECTEDSPEECH

51 Bubbly prefix: AER

52 Clapton classic: LAYLA

53 Gem from Australia: OPAL

56 Private eye: TEC

58 Go around in circles? ORBIT

62 "Et tu, Brute?," e.g.: FAMOUSLASTWORDS

66 Pat down: FRISK

67 Inbox clogger: SPAM

68 Pamplona parlor: SALA

69 Sight or hearing: SENSE

70 Wine city near Turin: ASTI

71 River of central Germany: EDER


1 Bed with sliding sides: CRIB

2 Author Jaffe: RONA

3 Mail-routing abbr.: ATTN

4 Obviously embarrassed: BEETRED

5 Weigh station unit: TON

6 Pub offering: ALE

7 Science Diet product: CATFOOD

8 Nonstick kitchen brand: TFAL

9 Sketching tablet: PAD

10 Shake hands on: AGREETO

11 Harbor strolling spot: PIER

12 "One more thing ... ": ALSO

13 Not as much: LESS

18 Industrial area of western Germany: RUHR

19 Play for a sucker: DUPE

24 Post-op areas, briefly: ICUS

25 Margarita option: NOSALT

27 Ricelike pasta: ORZO

28 Sound of a tree falling, say: WHUMP

29 Broadcaster: AIRER

30 __-one: long odds: TENTO

31 Kappa follower: LAMBDA

32 Informed (of): AWARE

33 Pale purple: LILAC

34 Stacy who played Mike Hammer: KEACH

39 Out of the wind: ALEE

41 "The __-bitsy spider ... ": ITSY

44 Completely flummoxed: ATALOSS

46 Easy-to-swallow meds: GELCAPS

47 Flowering hybrid with thorns: TEAROSE

49 Phased-out PC screens: CRTS

50 Farm machine: PLOW

53 Does in, mob-style: OFFS

54 Whittle (down): PARE

55 Idi of Uganda: AMIN

57 Big cat of film: ELSA

59 Actor Pitt: BRAD

60 Vegging out: IDLE

61 Many an Ivan, in old Russia: TSAR

63 Lute kin: UKE

64 Gained a lap? SAT

65 "No more deets!": TMI

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