LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 21 February 2019

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Los Angeles Times 21 February 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 21 February 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 '90s-'00s Olympic soccer notable: HAMM

5 Literary captain: AHAB

9 Leaks slowly: SEEPS

14 Burn soother: ALOE

15 Zippo: NADA

16 Computer text code: ASCII

17 They're not loyal: RATS

18 Unyielding: IRONWILLED

20 Golfing group: TWOSOME

22 Base for money: TEN

23 Swallowed: ATE

24 "Harry Potter" reporter __ Skeeter: RITA

25 Not much: JUSTATAD

27 Anthem contraction: OER

29 Blue, on the Danube: BLAU

31 Noir hero: TEC

32 Lose oomph: FLAG

34 Movie SFX: CGI

35 Purim heroine: ESTHER

39 Centers of attention: FOCI

40 What unfixed malfunctions usually do: RECUR

42 Flight-related prefix: AERO

43 "Burnt" color: SIENNA

45 Coastal bird: ERN

46 Sound of an angry exit: SLAM

47 LSU conference: SEC

48 Chicago-style pizza chain, informally: UNOS

50 Education org.: PTA

51 Started, as a conversation: STRUCKUP

55 Car dealer's abbr.: MSRP

57 Acct. that may be rolled over: IRA

58 Half a numbers game: KEN

59 Seattle pro: SEAHAWK

62 Going back, in a way: TIMETRAVEL

65 Arch type: OGEE

66 Often harmful bacteria: ECOLI

67 Basmati, for one: RICE

68 "What, will these hands __ be clean?": Lady Macbeth: NEER

69 Thick: DENSE

70 "Futurama" creator Groening: MATT

71 "Baseball Tonight" channel: ESPN


1 Roxie __, "Chicago" role: HART

2 "There oughta be __": ALAW

3 Grand Prix, for one: MOTORRACE

4 Soccer superstar Lionel: MESSI

5 Edible elephant, say: ANIMALCRACKER

6 Fabled also-ran: HARE

7 Hubbub: ADO

8 Xhosa's language group: BANTU

9 French holy women: SAINTES

10 Bilingual subj.: ESL

11 Grand display: ECLAT

12 Mary-in-mourning sculpture: PIETA

13 Agreed (with): SIDED

19 Skillet dish with ham and peppers: WESTERNOMELET

21 Wagering shorthand: OTB

25 Supercharge, and a hint to what's literally hiding in the four longest Down answers: JUICEUP

26 Take the role of: ACTAS

27 Does in: OFFS

28 Morlock victims: ELOI

30 Memorable time: AGE

33 Infomercial brand: GINSU


37 Q.E.D. word: ERAT

38 Type of tomato: ROMA

41 Spigoted server: URN

44 Suit go-with: NECKTIE

49 Fed. benefits agency: SSA

51 Located: SITED

52 Jiffy: TRICE

53 Hispanic penguin in "Happy Feet": RAMON

54 Render harmless: UNARM

56 Lake Geneva river: RHONE

59 Religious offshoot: SECT

60 Bawl: WEEP

61 "Ol' Man River" composer: KERN

63 Raised trains: ELS

64 Through: VIA

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