LA Times Crossword answers Friday 21 February 2020

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Los Angeles Times 21 February 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 21 February 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "... morning roses newly wash'd with __": Petruchio: DEW

4 Jacket stories: BIOS

8 Caused trepidation: SCARED

14 Phoenix-to-Albuquerque dir.: ENE

15 O'Neill's daughter: OONA

16 "Happy Days" diner namesake: ARNOLD

17 Networking technology: ETHERNET

19 Jalopy sound: RATTLE

20 Offering in shellfish worship? PRAWNSACRIFICE

22 Mississippi sight: LEVEE

23 Storage furniture: CHESTS

24 "__-haw!": YEE

25 Expanse: AREA

26 Word often preceded by a leader's name: ERA

29 Shellfish massage? MUSSELRELAXER

35 Perfect place: UTOPIA

37 "Modern Family," e.g.: SITCOM

38 Good name for a budget shellfish dealer? SHRIMPANDSAVE

42 "Catch you later": BYE

43 Traditional knowledge: LORE

44 Rate for records, briefly: RPM

47 High spirits: GAIETY

50 Hit the big time: GOPRO

52 Like one who exchanges texts with a shellfish? WHELKCONNECTED

55 One of an infant's pair: BOOTIE

56 Sore application: POULTICE

57 City adjoining Champaign, Illinois: URBANA

58 Began, as a co.: ESTD

59 Fourth bk. of the Jewish Torah: NUM


61 Relative of -ity: NESS

62 Fast sports cars: GTS


1 With intensity: DEEPLY

2 Dinner menu item: ENTREE

3 Merchant's assurance during a sale: WEHAVEMORE

4 Carried: BORNE

5 They're charged: IONS

6 Land parcel size: ONEACRE

7 Bag with a strap: SATCHEL

8 Bollywood costumery: SARIS

9 Modeling, say: CRAFT

10 They're not with you: ANTIS

11 Uniform education org.? ROTC

12 Bardot was on its cover at age 14: ELLE

13 Golfing pres.: DDE

18 Lea grazer: EWE

21 __ admiral: REAR

25 "Don't delay!" letters: ASAP

26 Taking parts of: EXCERPTING

27 Early initials in American cars: REO

28 Certain limb: ARM

30 News agcy. since 1958: UPI

31 __City: computer game: SIM

32 In __: actual: ESSE

33 YouTube star __ Marie Johnson: LIA

34 Honda FourTrax, e.g.: Abbr.: ATV

35 Very active port? USB

36 Genesis pronoun: THY

39 Baldwin of "30 Rock": ALEC

40 Closed: NOTOPEN

41 Vet's concern, perhaps: DRYNOSE

45 Like many hobby shop mat boards: PRECUT

46 Surfing equipment: MODEMS

47 Hint: GETAT

48 Dior design: ALINE

49 Some big box stores: IKEAS

50 Neuters: GELDS

51 Canadian Thanksgiving mo.: OCT

52 Well-used: WORN

53 Vagrant: HOBO

54 "Dang!": NUTS

55 Objection: BUT

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