LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 21 February 2021

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Los Angeles Times 21 February 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 21 February 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Playground game with hoops: HORSE

6 Blobby sci-fi villain: JABBA

11 Biker's protective wear: LEATHERS

19 In the know: AWARE

20 Fitness motto starter: USEIT

21 Removes faded flowers from: DEADHEADS


24 Brand with a Jumpman logo: AIRJORDAN

25 Regret: RUE

26 School near Windsor: ETON

27 Stiles of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?": RYAN

28 "Friends" friend: ROSS

29 Arrives like a brainstorm: SPRINGSTOMIND

34 A, to Beethoven: EINE

36 Fair: SOSO

37 Formal talk: ADDRESS

39 Deer sir: STAG

43 Droid from Naboo, familiarly: ARTOO

46 Volume unit: SONE

48 Go inside: ENTER

50 Long, long tail? AGO

51 Start of a hopeful chant: RAINRAINGOAWAY

55 Tower engineer: EIFFEL

57 Simone's state: ETAT

58 Dagger of yore: SNEE

59 Mosque official: IMAM

61 Bound to be: FATED

62 "I, Claudius" role: NERO

63 Collapsed: CAVEDIN

66 Like some fried food: OILY

68 Letters on a bathroom tube: ADA

69 Absolutely zero: NOTASINGLEONE

72 Dealer-busting org.: DEA

75 Meter starter: ALTI

76 Compared with: VISAVIS

77 Places where quiet is often demanded: SETS

78 Cut of the loot: SHARE

81 River past Logroño: EBRO

84 It's raised at a circus: TENT

85 Obligation: ONUS

86 Many surfers: AOLERS

88 Ignore mistakes, say: LETTHINGSSLIDE

92 Letters on a GI's letters: APO

93 Absorb, as a spill: SOPUP

95 Twitter rampage: RANT

96 Hale-Bopp, for one: COMET

97 Alphabetically first V8 ingredient: BEET

99 Yawning cause: BOREDOM

101 Place to make a rial deal: OMAN

103 Some tributes: ODES

105 Disney theme park: ANIMALKINGDOM

111 Part of many a plot: ACRE

113 Bristol bye-bye: TATA

115 Bit of politeness from a hat-tipper: MAAM

116 That guy, to Guy: LUI

117 Subject of many a watch: BLUEWHALE

119 Family film feature: HAPPYENDING

123 Enthusiastic to a fault: OVEREAGER

124 Elicit a chuckle: AMUSE

125 A detective may act on one: HUNCH

126 Spoofs: PARODIES

127 Minibike kin: MOPED

128 __ music: SHEET


1 Clues for DNA analysis: HAIRS

2 Accept the blame: OWNUP

3 Wild party: RAGER

4 "No seats" sign: SRO

5 Job listing abbr.: EEO

6 "Precisely like this": JUSTSO

7 "Take __ at it": ASHOT

8 Bingo cousin: BEANO

9 Marcel Marceau clown persona: BIP

10 Snacked: ATE

11 Princess with cinnamon-bun locks: LEIA

12 Not kidding: EARNEST

13 Asleep in Eng. class? ADJ

14 Cause of sticker shock at the florist? THORN

15 They may be unsung: HEROES

16 "CSI" actor George: EADS

17 Old food label figs.: RDAS

18 I-9 ID: SSN

21 Thoughts of the beach while in class, e.g.: DAYDREAM

23 MIT offerings: DEGS

27 Boxing div.: RND

30 Suspects: ISONTO

31 Jordanian queen dowager: NOOR

32 José's hand: MANO

33 A light bulb may symbolize one: IDEA

35 "It's clear now": ISEE

38 Multi-lingual Irish singer: ENYA

40 First golfing U.S. president: TAFT

41 Pulitzer-winning author James: AGEE

42 __ standard: GOLD

43 Bowl, say: ARENA

44 Was highly regarded: RATED

45 Formal wear item: TIARA

46 1983 Indy 500 champ Tom: SNEVA

47 Fancy moldings: OGEES

49 Throw very hard: RIFLE

52 Berkshire racecourse: ASCOT

53 Deadlocked: INATIE

54 Alleged creation of Buffalo's Anchor Bar: WINGS

56 Wray of "King Kong": FAY

60 Herd mentality output? MOOING

64 Golfer's gouge: DIVOT

65 Pasta restaurant closing? INI


69 Cards, for short: NLERS

70 Tiberius' tongue: LATIN

71 Blessed __: EVENT

72 Casual Friday fabric: DENIM

73 Musical workout, at times: ETUDE

74 Singer's perfect pitch, say: ASSET

75 "... chips-down" link: ARE

77 "Ciao": SOLONG

78 Swedish auto: SAAB

79 Bit of optimism: HOPE

80 Lotion additive: ALOE

82 Fuzzy memory: BLUR

83 One taking a class over: REPEATER

87 Juice with a lizard logo: SOBE

89 Picard's counselor: TROI

90 Jon of "Mad Men": HAMM

91 Checkout action: SCAN

94 Stamps: POSTAGE

98 Figure with a cape: TORERO

100 __ kit: item: DNA

101 Signed off on: OKAYED

102 Speechless player: MIME

104 Like morning fields: DEWED

106 Stimulate: AMPUP

107 Memory miscue: LAPSE

108 Pass-rushing group, briefly: DLINE

109 Prevention amount: OUNCE

110 Strength: MIGHT

111 Inventing middle name: ALVA

112 Card holder, maybe: CUER

114 Pub mugfuls: ALES

117 Jazzy genre: BOP

118 Yokohama yes: HAI

119 Omelet filler: HAM

120 70-Down trio opener: AMO

121 Bright students' org.: NHS

122 "How obvious": DUH

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