LA Times Crossword answers Monday 21 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 21 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 21 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Skin growth: WART

5 Learns via word of mouth: HEARS

10 Riot spray: MACE

14 Camera or eye part: IRIS

15 Bates __: "Psycho" setting: MOTEL

16 Muslim holy man: IMAM

17 How a boat may rock: SIDETOSIDE

19 Busting agent: NARC

20 Ziti or rigatoni: PASTA

21 How boxers square off: TOETOTOE

23 Generous slice: SLAB

26 Macho: VIRILE

27 How Fred and Ginger sometimes danced: CHEEKTOCHEEK

32 "The guy over there": HIM

33 Stadium attendance counter: STILE

34 Sports show rundown: RECAP

38 Not fer: AGIN

40 Assumed name: ALIAS

42 Lotus position discipline: YOGA

43 Pulsate: THROB

45 Furnish with a fund: ENDOW

47 Fond du __, Wisconsin: LAC

48 How BFFs converse: HEARTTOHEART

51 Division in a church: SCHISM

54 Black gemstone: ONYX

55 How people may agreeably see: EYETOEYE

58 Use elbow grease on: SCOUR

62 Take __ the waist: alter: INAT

63 1984 De Palma film, and a hint to five puzzle answers: BODYDOUBLE

66 "__ Talkin'": Bee Gees #1 hit: JIVE

67 Birch relative: ALDER

68 Cosecant's reciprocal: SINE

69 Cake decorator: ICER

70 Video chat choice: SKYPE

71 Abbr. at the end of a list: ETAL


1 Thin trail of smoke: WISP

2 Mozart's "Il mio tesoro," e.g.: ARIA

3 Frees (of): RIDS

4 Scary African fly: TSETSE

5 Managed care gp.: HMO

6 Camera named for a Greek goddess: EOS

7 Going __: bickering: ATIT

8 Second effort: REDO

9 Place to hide a metaphorical ace: SLEEVE

10 Beethoven's Ninth is written in one: MINORKEY

11 Stradivari's tutor: AMATI

12 Christmas song: CAROL

13 Roast host: EMCEE

18 Conversations: TALKS

22 Bleacher feature: TIER

24 "__ boy!": ATTA

25 Water heater: BOILER

27 Chew the fat: CHAT

28 Tipsy from wine, say: HIGH

29 Kuwaiti ruler: EMIR

30 "Cry Macho" (2021) star Eastwood: CLINT

31 Set out for, as a destination: HEADTO

35 Pepsi, for one: COLA

36 Food thickener: AGAR

37 Agreement: PACT

39 One of Nolan Ryan's seven: NOHITTER

41 "Any day now": SOON

44 Kiss from Consuela: BESO

46 "And your reason?": WHYSO

49 One-celled pond dwellers: AMEBAS

50 "The dog ate my homework" is a sad one: EXCUSE

51 Conductor Ozawa: SEIJI

52 Pessimist: CYNIC

53 Throw with effort: HEAVE

56 Egg yellow: YOLK

57 Drain swirl: EDDY

59 Passing words? OBIT

60 Arm bone: ULNA

61 Fishing rod attachment: REEL

64 "You betcha": YEP

65 Dr. of hip-hop: DRE

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