LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 21 January 2017

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Los Angeles Times 21 January 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 21 January 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Robin on '60s TV: BURTWARD

9 Mischievous kids: SCAMPS

15 What one taking a flight doesn't use? ELEVATOR

16 Mustang rival: CAMARO

17 Abomination: ANATHEMA

18 Common soccer result: ONENIL

19 Coach Eric Taylor's wife on "Friday Night Lights": TAMI

20 Biting criticism: ACIDTONGUE

22 Hardboard brand: MASONITE

24 William Donovan's WWII org.: OSS

25 Dropped jaws: WOWEDEM

28 Computer media: DISKS

30 Cold sound? ACHOO

31 "Star Trek" rank: Abbr.: ENS

32 __ St. Louis: EAST

35 Exodus pronoun: THOU

36 Liquid diet component: BROTH

38 "The Time Machine" race: ELOI

39 Traffic sound: TOOT

40 Jethro Tull frontman Anderson: IAN

41 Big name in printers: EPSON

42 Library exchanges: PSSTS

44 Drea de Matteo's role on "The Sopranos": ADRIANA

46 Sources of remote power: AAS

48 Balderdash: UTTERROT

50 Dark personification: GRIMREAPER

52 Speeds (up): REVS

56 More affected, in a way: ARTIER

57 More than familiar with: INUREDTO

59 Arrive copiously: POURIN

60 Some summer homes: COTTAGES

61 Toll road convenience: EZPASS

62 Site of Napoleon's last exile: STHELENA


1 Overpower: BEAT

2 Radius neighbor: ULNA

3 Office quantity: REAM

4 Some breaks in the NFL action: TVTIMEOUTS

5 Nursery noise: WAH

6 Base command: ATEASE

7 "Think Like a Man Too," e.g.: ROMCOM

8 Exhaust: DRAIN

9 Terrier type: SCOTTISH

10 Participates in a camp activity: CANOES

11 Grace closing: AMEN

12 Fruity chip go-with: MANGOSALSA

13 Hybrid hatchback: PRIUS

14 They may leave prints: SOLES

21 "We __ Start the Fire": Billy Joel: DIDNT

23 Shakespearean title word: ADO

25 Power eponym: WATT

26 Dos cubed: OCHO

27 Goes wild: WHOOPSITUP

29 Contemporary "Be yourself": KEEPITREAL

31 Great spell: EON

33 "Are we there yet?" reply: SOON

34 Brown of publishing: TINA

36 Marshland waders: BITTERNS

37 Dreaded figure? RASTA

41 "__ e Leandro": Handel cantata: ERO

43 "Yup!": SUREIS

44 "Nope!": ARENOT

45 Longtime "Sexually Speaking" host: DRRUTH

46 Catching flies, so to speak: AGAPE

47 Pollo partner: ARROZ

49 Sweeping stories: EPICS

51 "Look, amigo!": MIRA

53 One of a cube's dozen: EDGE

54 Engine with a lot of juice: VTEN

55 Slugger who began and ended his career as a Texas Ranger: SOSA

58 Hwy., e.g.: RTE

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