LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 21 January 2020

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Los Angeles Times 21 January 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 21 January 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Sound of disbelief: GASP

5 Feature of some debit cards: CHIP

9 Ford Fusion, e.g.: SEDAN

14 Latin "others": ALIA

15 __ erectus: HOMO

16 To the point: TERSE

17 Wander aimlessly (about): MILL

18 Israeli carrier: ELAL

19 Pisces follower: ARIES

20 Be noisy, or equip for tennis? MAKEARACKET

23 Brewery tub: VAT

24 Admin. aides: ASSTS

25 Tickle pink: AMUSE

27 Beauty contest prize: TIARA

31 Ready for dinner: SEATED

34 Enjoy oneself, or be ready for tennis? HAVEABALL

38 Upside-down "e," in phonetics: SCHWA

39 Dictator Amin: IDI

40 Shenanigan: ANTIC

42 Gridiron "zebra": REF

43 Chocolate source: CACAO

46 Sue, or leave for tennis? GOTOCOURT

49 Requires Febreze, maybe: SMELLS

51 "Les Misérables" escape route: SEWER

52 Cosmopolitan spirits: VODKA

54 Order to a sloucher: SITUP

58 Classic Jaguar: XKE

60 Be helpful, or enjoy playing tennis? LIVETOSERVE

64 __ Gras: MARDI

66 Chief Asgard god: ODIN

67 Sentence structure element: NOUN

68 Crime that might involve accelerants: ARSON

69 Sit in park, say: IDLE

70 Spilled the beans: TOLD

71 Online magazine with a "Dear Prudence" advice column: SLATE

72 Hair salon supplies: DYES

73 Relaxing resorts: SPAS


1 Ray type: GAMMA

2 Identity-concealing name: ALIAS

3 Jockey's apparel: SILKS

4 Bob Ross accessory: PALETTE

5 Singer with a Best Actress Oscar: CHER

6 Hi, in Barcelona: HOLA

7 Apple desktop: IMAC

8 Music genre with accordions: POLKA

9 Easter Island sights: STATUES

10 End of a musket? EER

11 Convenience for diners on the go: DRIVETHRU

12 Well out of the harbor: ASEA

13 Chick site: NEST

21 Tibet's continent: ASIA

22 First-responder letters: EMS

26 Cul-de-__: SAC

28 Lawyers' org.: ABA

29 Struck the bell: RANG

30 Singers below mezzo-sopranos: ALTOS

32 Decorative pitcher: EWER

33 Nutty: DAFT

34 Minute Maid fruity juice boxes: HICS

35 NBA commissioner Silver: ADAM

36 The other way around: VICEVERSA

37 Miller __: beer brand: LITE

41 "Don't have a __, man!": COW

44 Teléfono greeting: ALO

45 Long-established: OLDLINE

47 Prefix with pool or pit: CESS

48 Points in the right direction: ORIENTS

50 Tackle a slope: SKI

53 Circumvent: AVOID

55 Unit being deployed: TROOP

56 Throat dangler: UVULA

57 Remains unsettled, as a payment: PENDS

58 Dec. holiday: XMAS

59 Two-time NBA MVP Malone known as "The Mailman": KARL

61 Whirlpool: EDDY

62 Dominoes piece: TILE

63 Smallest bills: ONES

65 Part of an ellipsis: DOT

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