LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 21 January 2021

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Los Angeles Times 21 January 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 21 January 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 MS-__: DOS

4 He's Santa in "Elf": ASNER

9 Fish-and-chips fish: COD

12 Andean stew tubers: OCAS

14 Geoffrey of fashion: BEENE

15 "You have a point": TRUE

16 Hanukkah moolah: GELT

17 Cut with sharp teeth: SAWUP

18 Greasy spoon sign: EATS

19 Board game endings: MATES

21 Dudes: MEN

22 Sonora flora: CACTI

23 Jungian inner self: ANIMA

24 Anti-apartheid org.: ANC

25 Actor Werner of "Fahrenheit 451": OSKAR

26 Element #50: TIN

27 More squalid: MANGIER

30 Scrape (out): EKE

31 Crackerjack: ACE

32 Restricted road area: BUSLANE

33 High-__ image: RES

34 Red variety of this puzzle's circles: MANHATTAN

36 Larry __, former Phillies All-Star shortstop who was 2001 N.L. Manager of the Year: BOWA

39 Meat-eating aids: TINES

40 River to the Baltic: ODER

44 "Invisible Cities" author Calvino: ITALO

46 Copper orgs.? PDS

47 Happy, but not cheerful or upbeat? DWARF

48 Spoonful, say: DOLLOP

50 Was in the cards: LOOMED

51 Group with rackets: MAFIA

53 Long __: JOHNS

54 Slightly cracked: AJAR

56 Glass-half-empty sort: CYNIC

58 Computer giant: DELL

61 "Amen!": WORD

62 Memorable mission: ALAMO

63 Director Kazan: ELIA

64 "I'm up for it!": LETS

65 Sashimi selection: AHI

66 Initial request for an answer? RSVP


1 Church doctrines: DOGMATA

2 Airline on "Lost": OCEANIC

3 With 9-Down, crispy go-with for this puzzle's circles: SALTINE

4 Washboard __: ABS

5 Sailor's skill: SEAMANSHIP

6 White variety of this puzzle's circles: NEWENGLAND

7 Doesn't mumble: ENUNCIATES

8 Press in a gym, say: REP

9 See 3-Down: CRACKER

10 Scene not meant to be seen: OUTTAKE

11 Wish list items, e.g.: DESIRES

13 Stern's opposite: STEM

15 They're often in hot water: TEAS

20 Bossa nova ancestor: SAMBA

22 Chick of jazz: COREA

28 Family member: AUNT

29 Tolkien's Quickbeam et al.: ENTS

34 Adaptable ducks: MALLARDS

35 "I get it now": NOWONDER

36 Two diamonds, possibly: BID

37 Ioway relative: OTO

38 Store whose first three letters come from its founder's name: WALMART

41 Ones "in distress": DAMSELS

42 Before, before: ERE

43 "Mayberry __": '60s sitcom: RFD

45 Body blow reaction: OOF

47 Simpson outburst: DOH

49 12-point type: PICA

50 El Pollo __: chain in the U.S. and Mexico: LOCO

52 "The Clan of the Cave Bear" heroine: AYLA

53 Hendrix at Woodstock: JIMI

54 Leatherwork tool: AWL

55 Film noir coffee: JOE

57 "I'll pass": NAH

59 Tyler who played Arwen in the "Lord of the Rings" films: LIV

60 Catcher behind the plate? LAP

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