LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 21 July 2018

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Los Angeles Times 21 July 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 21 July 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Sleight of hand? PALM

5 Like pie? ASEASY

11 Tennis stroke: LOB

14 Name on the 1949 "Death of a Salesman" playbill: ELIA

15 Bug on the road? BEETLE

16 Common cause of conflict: EGO

17 "The Karate Kid," e.g.: CINDERELLASTORY

20 Guide for surfers: SITEMAP

21 Gray shades: TAUPES

22 Be of service to: AID

23 Org. with traveling bans? THENBA

25 One hanging around a lifeguard tower: PADDLEBOARD

29 Studio once run by Howard Hughes: RKO

32 1958 Pulitzer author James: AGEE

33 D.C. figures: REPS

34 Some museum art: NUDES

36 16th-century council site: TRENT

38 Unspecified degree: NTH

39 Footnote abbr.: OPCIT

40 Nasal partitions: SEPTA

41 "... or so it may __": SEEM

43 Unadulterated: PURE

44 Slangy okay: YEP

45 Ice cream named after a Canadian river: KLONDIKEBAR

48 Quite a lot: OCEANS

50 Address in a mess: SIR

51 Confront aggressively: ACCOST

53 Swears: PLEDGES

57 2013 Hudson's Bay Company acquisition: SAKSFIFTHAVENUE

60 "... exclaim, __ he drove out of sight": Moore: ERE

61 Sign with an arrow: ONEWAY

62 Start to giver or taker: CARE

63 Befitting: APT

64 Hazmat team members, often: ROBOTS

65 Tae __ do: KWON


1 Atlas display: PECS

2 Et __: ALII

3 Dust bunny component: LINT

4 Achieved some progress: MADEADENT

5 Rubber eraser, for one: ABRADER

6 Go slowly: SEEP

7 Sargasso Sea spawner: EEL

8 Pac. cousin: ATL

9 Christian in cinema: SLATER

10 Ambiguous answer: YESANDNO

11 Little big cat: LEOPARDCUB

12 Mythical monster: OGRE

13 First and last word of a common four-word saw: BOYS

18 Dr. Skoda on "Law & Order": EMIL

19 Bathing spot: TUB

23 Popular online lists: TOPTENS

24 Discussed, with "over": HASHED

25 Mark: PATSY

26 Come to terms: AGREE

27 Daddy Warbucks, e.g.: DEEPPOCKET

28 Former Mormon leader Ezra Taft __: BENSON

30 Actress Knightley: KEIRA

31 Blender brand: OSTER

35 "Nosebleed seats" section: UPPERDECK

37 Supposes to be: TAKESFOR

42 Loses temporarily: MISLAYS

46 Bodega patron: LATINO

47 European capital: KIEV

49 Fortune 500 listings: Abbr.: COS

51 Sailing: ASEA

52 Complain: CARP

53 Really good, in '90s slang: PHAT

54 Rodents do it: GNAW

55 Money in la banque: EURO

56 Treated by the doctor: SEEN

58 Four-wk. period, usually: FEB

59 Minimum for many games: TWO

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