LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 21 July 2021

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Los Angeles Times 21 July 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 21 July 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Prepare to get up from one's plane seat: UNBELT

7 Sucker for a flame: MOTH

11 Camera letters: SLR

14 Hoi __: POLLOI

15 Mine, in Montreal: AMOI

16 Rival: VIE

17 Mole, perhaps: DOUBLEAGENT

19 Se–ora Per—n: EVA

20 Palindromic woman's name: ANNA

21 Either Bush 43 daughter: TWINSISTER

23 Bit of body ink: TAT

24 "The Black Cat" author: POE

25 Locker room powders: TALCS

26 Belgian expressionist James: ENSOR

28 Stun: DAZE

32 Diamond Head locale: OAHU

33 1974 musical based on a 1900 novel, with "The": WIZ

35 eBay offers: BIDS

37 Drop off for a bit: NAP

38 "Amen!" ... or a hint to the start of four other long answers: ILLSECONDTHAT

42 Meter preceder: ODO

43 Lake formed by the Hoover Dam: MEAD

44 "Told __!": YOU

45 Lox variety: NOVA

47 Burst forth: SPEW

49 Language in which "w" and "y" are considered vowels: WELSH

53 2010 Barack appointee: ELENA

55 Parrot: APE

57 Bothered a lot, with "at": ATE

58 Braille is one: BINARYCODE

62 Sooner State city: ENID

63 Vivid dye: AZO

64 Olympic event featuring death spirals: PAIRSKATING

66 Volleyball scoring unit: SET

67 Small advantage: EDGE

68 With 56-Down, type of black tea with another color in its name: ORANGE

69 Journal's end? ESE

70 Gaelic gal: LASS

71 Persuasive pieces: ESSAYS


1 Reason for a restart: UPDATE

2 Political pundit Peggy: NOONAN

3 Numbs: BLUNTS

4 Idris of "Luther": ELBA

5 "Kidding!" letters: LOL

6 Associate with: TIETO

7 Ancient trio: MAGI

8 Black cat, to some: OMEN

9 Quite a lot: TONS

10 "Start the music!": HITIT

11 __ Savitskaya, first woman to perform a spacewalk: SVETLANA

12 Modern customer support option: LIVECHAT

13 Reacts in fear, as a horse: REARSUP

18 Wonderstruck: AWED

22 __ Tomé and Pr’ncipe: SAO

24 Spectrum maker: PRISM

27 Potterverse courier: OWL

29 Cabin or castle: ABODE

30 Chard alternative: ZIN

31 Water whirled: EDDY

34 Pizza pieces? ZEES

36 "Dred" novelist: STOWE

38 Reveres: IDOLIZES

39 Heart-y message? LOVENOTE

40 Upper limit: CAP

41 Color: HUE

42 __ hit: baseball single: ONEBASE

46 Carrier to Tokyo: ANA

48 Rolls of money: WADS

50 Pacific weather phenomenon: LANINA

51 Cheap: STINGY

52 Risk-offsetting investments: HEDGES

54 Cosmetician Adrien: ARPEL

56 See 68-Across: PEKOE

59 When tripled, "et cetera": YADA

60 Smokes, briefly: CIGS

61 Crude metals: ORES

62 JFK board data: ETAS

65 Cue followers: ARS

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