LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 21 June 2018

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Los Angeles Times 21 June 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 21 June 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Throw out a line: CAST

5 Marner of fiction: SILAS

10 Santa Monica attraction: PIER

14 Funny Bombeck: ERMA

15 Letter-shaped fastener: UBOLT

16 "Young Frankenstein" Fräulein: INGA

17 Meadows: LEAS

18 Siamese fighting fish: BETTA

19 New Mexico resort: TAOS

20 Girl skipping school? LASSCUTTING

23 Plate duster: UMP

24 Transparent: SHEER

25 "The Prisoner of __": 1937 Fairbanks film: ZENDA

27 Reason your ears are burning? LOBALWARMING

32 Collect over time: AMASS

35 __ juice: MOO

36 Second-largest bone in the body: TIBIA

37 Ticket word: ROW

38 Note from one who's shy: IOU

39 __ Cruces: LAS

40 Low joint: ANKLE

43 ID with two hyphens: SSN

44 "Totally had you going there!": PSYCH

46 Farm sound after sunset? LOWINTHEDARK

49 Backyard game for two: CATCH

50 Saudi money: RIYAL

53 Prefix with pass: SUR

54 Knight game impact? LANCINGBLOW

59 Early automaker: OLDS

61 Trunk: TORSO

62 Kitchen floor covering, to a Brit: LINO

63 Singer's syllables: LALA

64 Considering everything: INALL

65 __ Eats: food delivery app: UBER

66 African antelope: ORYX

67 Propagated: SOWED

68 Word on an Irish stamp: EIRE


1 "Tainted Love" band Soft __: CELL

2 Measurements made by planimeters: AREAS

3 Tennis shot: SMASH

4 Loafer adornments: TASSELS

5 Many a commuter's community: SUBURB

6 Sarcastic comment: IBET

7 Senate majority leader after Dole: LOTT

8 Some choristers: ALTI

9 Poetry unit: STANZA

10 Racetrack stop: PIT

11 Lower than low? INAUDIBLY

12 Swellhead: EGOMANIAC

13 Speak harshly: RASP

21 Company VIPs: CEOS

22 Fröbe who played Goldfinger: GERT

26 Feature of a two-ltr. monogram: NMI

28 Pennsylvania sect: AMISH

29 Relaxed: LOOSE

30 Wired, with "up": WOUND

31 Big cut: GASH

32 Severely damaged Asian sea: ARAL

33 Like a birder's field glass: MONOCULAR

34 With very little grace: AWKWARDLY

41 Burning: LIT

42 Env. fattener: ENCL

44 Puritan: PRIG

45 Landscape artist's shade: SKYBLUE

47 To wit: THATIS

48 California governor after Gray: ARNOLD

51 Defensive line? ALIBI

52 Hermit: LONER

53 2018 Ron Howard film subtitled "A Star Wars Story": SOLO

55 Faux pas: NONO

56 Bird crop: CRAW

57 Cruise stopover: ISLE

58 Became frayed, say: WORE

60 Kenny G's horn: SAX

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