LA Times Crossword answers Friday 21 June 2019

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Los Angeles Times 21 June 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 21 June 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 It's sold in bars: SOAP

5 D-Day invasion city: STLO

9 Live: DWELL

14 Willing follower? ABLE

15 Forked over: PAID

16 Certain Ivy Leaguer: YALIE

17 That's a wrap: GIFTBOXCOVERING

20 Make more flavorful: SEASON

21 Poet's preposition: ERE

22 Fascinated by: INTO

23 Opposite of hence: AGO

25 Gym shorts go-with: TEE

27 That's a wrap: TERRYCLOTHROBE

35 Bushy-tailed canines: FOXES

36 Eat-on-the-street places: CAFES

37 What an amateur may turn: PRO

38 Like some audiobooks: ONCD

39 Goes from site to site: SURFS

40 School for a prince: ETON

41 Beehive State athlete: UTE

42 Start a court contest: SERVE

43 Radiates: EMITS

44 That's a wrap: ROLLEDSANDWICH

47 Ike's WWII arena: ETO

48 Italian god: DIO

49 Made it up: LIED

52 Find fault to a fault: NAG

55 Evades: SKIRTS

60 "That's a wrap!": ENDOFAFILMSHOOT

63 Frequent genre for composer John Williams: SCIFI

64 Bay, play or gray follower: AREA

65 Kurylenko of "Quantum of Solace": OLGA

66 Identity __: THEFT

67 Provoke: ROIL

68 Mulching material: PEAT


1 Loses elasticity: SAGS

2 "Hamilton" award: OBIE

3 Opposite of Zulu? ALFA

4 They're often adopted: PETS

5 Like angel food cake: SPONGY

6 Strain: TAX

7 Bothersome bugs: LICE

8 Reason to use Febreze: ODOR

9 Salon supply: DYE

10 Not as trusting: WARIER

11 Author Hilderbrand: ELIN

12 Dust bunny component: LINT

13 Danish brick: LEGO

18 Male razorbacks: BOARS

19 Iconic Chevys: VETTES

24 Goes down, so to speak: OCCURS

26 Reactions to missing things: EHS

27 2013 role for Johnny Depp: TONTO

28 Get all A's: EXCEL

29 Common hummingbird feeder color: RED

30 Cocoon dweller: LARVA

31 Cause resentment: OFFEND

32 __ disc: eye part: OPTIC

33 Stock: BROTH

34 Quite a stretch: EONS

35 Common par: FOUR

39 Resort near Flagstaff: SEDONA

40 Former Radiohead label: EMI

42 Financially secure: SET

43 "Star Wars" critters: EWOKS

45 Started: LEDOFF

46 Dreary: DISMAL

49 Out of concern that: LEST

50 Rainfall measure: INCH

51 Singer Brickell: EDIE

53 Miles away: AFAR

54 Copter's forerunner: GIRO

56 2007 Applebee's acquirer: IHOP

57 Part: ROLE

58 Costume made from a sheet: TOGA

59 Sports page entry: STAT

61 Require no alteration: FIT

62 Honolulu Airport wreath: LEI

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