LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 21 June 2020

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Los Angeles Times 21 June 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 21 June 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "True Detective," e.g.: DRAMA

6 Worshippers of the sun god Inti: INCAS

11 Chinese smartphone brand: OPPO

15 Organization with an ElderWatch program: AARP

19 Dollar, to Enterprise: RIVAL

20 Snookums: DEARY

21 Rice, for one: CROP

22 "That explains it": ISEE

23 "Match Game" host: ALECBALDWIN

25 Arenal Volcano home: COSTARICA

27 Crash site? BED

28 Blonde __: ALE

29 The mariachiÕs guitarr—n is one: ACOUSTICBASS

31 Settled on a papasan, say: SAT

33 Senegalese-American actress __ Rae: ISSA

36 Idealistic sort: DREAMER

37 Stick up: ROB

39 Taste in kombu kelp: UMAMI

42 Team to play in SoFi Stadium: LARAMS

45 Whole Foods fruit: ORGANICBANANAS

51 Do figure eights: SKATE

53 Sarge's boss: LOOIE

54 Unthinking: HASTY

55 Preliminary race: HEAT

58 Hungarian town known for its baroque buildings: EGER

59 Bank transaction: LOAN

60 Code creator: MORSE

61 Comes to an end: CEASES

63 Actress Vardalos: NIA

64 Polite words while entering: AFTERYOU

66 Pollution concerns: PLASTICBAGS

68 Cause of goosebumps, maybe: FEAR

69 Called from the flock: BAAED

71 Chip dip, casually: GUAC

72 Stretchable loop: ELASTICBAND

76 Parents not related by blood: STEPDADS

80 Bygone space station: MIR

81 Last bit: TAGEND

82 Wealthy heir: SCION

84 Mštley __: CRUE

85 Press (down): TAMP

87 Paleo __: DIET

88 Classic Ford, familiarly: STANG

89 Stuffs to the gills: SATES

90 Move furtively: SNEAK

92 Widespread adverse reaction, as to a new policy: PUBLICBACKLASH

95 Off the mark: ERRANT

98 Major artery: AORTA

99 Well resource: OIL

100 Iris rings: AREOLAS

103 Beyoncé, to the Beyhive: IDOL

105 "That's a shame": SAD

108 Item in Manet's "Luncheon on the Grass": PICNICBASKET

113 Hamm from Alabama: MIA

115 Black widow's creation: WEB

117 Savory pastry: ONIONTART

118 Pungent deli choice: GARLICBAGEL

122 Indian flatbread: ROTI

123 Thickener in Asian desserts: AGAR

124 Rub it in: GLOAT

125 Beckoning elision: CMERE

126 "Watermark" musician: ENYA

127 Parks in American history: ROSA

128 Snow vehicles: SLEDS

129 Moving measurement: SPEED


1 Uninteresting: DRAB

2 Ticks off: RILES

3 Minnesota-based cosmetics company: AVEDA

4 Big __: MAC

5 The Honest Company co-founder Jessica: ALBA

6 Lollygags: IDLES

7 "Game of Thrones" patriarch Stark: NED

8 Cornfield cry: CAW

9 Diva's time to shine: ARIA

10 Good thing for teammates to be in: SYNC

11 Take place: OCCUR

12 Everyday language: PROSE

13 __ Service: POSTAL

14 Kia sedan: OPTIMA

15 Bus stopper: AIRBRAKE

16 Iraq is about 1% of it: ASIA

17 Suggestions, for short: RECS

18 Samosa veggies: PEAS

24 Excuse in court: ALIBI

26 Taiwanese laptops: ACERS

30 Father of Thor: ODIN

32 Office newbies: TRAINEES

34 Legacy creator: SUBARU

35 Stockpile: AMASS

38 Number of Scrabble X-tiles: ONE

40 Initial fee: ANTE

41 Star Wars Day month: MAY

43 805-year-old document: MAGNACARTA

44 "Shrek!" author William: STEIG

45 Paella pot: OLLA

46 Place for solar panels: ROOF

47 Billy's caretaker: GOATFARMER

48 High-fashion shoemaker Jimmy: CHOO

49 Winning: AHEAD

50 They're often choppy: SEAS

52 Periods of note: ERAS

56 Winter hrs. in Halifax: AST

57 "Lip Sync Battle" commentator Chrissy: TEIGEN

60 Numerous: MYRIAD

61 A.L. Central team: CLE

62 Fish commonly known as a porgy: SCUP

65 Band named for a rodent: RATT

66 Launch site: PAD

67 They might be game changers: BADCALLS

69 Language group including Zulu: BANTU

70 Furthermore: AND

72 Defib experts: EMTS

73 "Big Little Lies" novelist Moriarty: LIANE

74 Sci-fi film FX: CGI

75 Clown car noise: BEEP

76 Mythical mariner: SINBAD

77 Forum wrap: TOGA

78 Cost of belonging: DUES

79 Meeting, casually: SESH

82 Tend to the sauce: STIR

83 Mojave natives: CACTI

86 "Knowing all the facts": Woody Allen: PARANOIA

88 __-pitch: SLO

89 Stick in the snow: SKI

91 "Grant County" crime novelist Slaughter: KARIN

93 Lie in the sun: BASK

94 Baby's ailment: COLIC

96 Hummingbird food: NECTAR

97 Island near Trinidad: TOBAGO

101 "__ Theme": "Doctor Zhivago" tune: LARAS

102 Stars, to Cicero: ASTRA

104 Skips: OMITS

106 "Shucks!": AWGEE

107 Tractor giant: DEERE

108 Study, with "over": PORE

109 Privy to: INON

110 __ limits: CITY

111 Breakfast staple: EGGS

112 12 ounces, at Starbucks: TALL

114 Basics appearing in reverse in eight puzzle answers: ABCS

116 Ran: BLED

119 Blini topping: ROE

120 Young chap: LAD

121 Increase, with "up": AMP

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