LA Times Crossword answers Monday 21 June 2021

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Los Angeles Times 21 June 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 21 June 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Scandal suffix: GATE

5 Dog of unknown ancestry: MUTT

9 One of the Musketeers: ATHOS

14 Trojan War hero: AJAX

15 Where the seven "-stan" countries are: ASIA

16 San __, city SE of L.A.: DIEGO

17 Bulldoze: RAZE

18 Mannerly fellow: GENT

19 La Scala offering: OPERA

20 Hospital volunteer named for a feature of their uniform: CANDYSTRIPER

23 Hindu honorific: SRI

26 Huge fan: NUT

27 Layer on the farm: HEN

28 One of two on a post-wedding vacation: HONEYMOONER

32 Health resort: SPA

35 Dreadlocks wearer: RASTA

36 Like thoughts you'd rather not share: PERSONAL

38 Prepare for publication: EDIT

39 Digging tool: SPADE

41 Gangster's gal: MOLL

42 Hurricane or tornado, often: DISASTER

44 Panfry: SAUTE

45 Solidify: SET

46 Legal border-crossing spot: PORTOFENTRY

49 Cocktail server: BAR

50 Ewe's mate: RAM

51 The "S" in CBS: Abbr.: SYS

52 Jackie Gleason catchphrase, and a hint to the starts of 20-, 28- and 46-Across: HOWSWEETITIS

58 Bolt who bolts: USAIN

59 Footwear for snow: BOOT

60 "Oh dear!": ALAS

64 Fly like a seagull: GLIDE

65 Hay unit: BALE

66 Prefix with gram: KILO

67 Sank on the green: HOLED

68 British WWII gun: STEN

69 Adam's first home: EDEN


1 Long-nosed fish: GAR

2 1977 Steely Dan album: AJA

3 Toon devil: TAZ

4 Suit in a corner office: EXEC

5 Title P.I. played by Tom Selleck and Jay Hernandez: MAGNUM

6 Did, but not anymore: USEDTO

7 Wee: TINY

8 Ink spots? TATS

9 Ardent fans: ADORERS

10 Easy two-pointer: TIPIN

11 Dickens villain Uriah: HEEP

12 Shrek, e.g.: OGRE

13 Fly at a great height: SOAR

21 "The Queen's Gambit" star __ Taylor-Joy: ANYA

22 "I did it!": THERE

23 Destroys, as docs: SHREDS

24 Amp toter: ROADIE

25 Demand: INSIST

29 Jazz great James: ETTA

30 Dizzying paintings: OPART

31 Actor Beatty: NED

32 Hog noses: SNOUTS

33 Meager: PALTRY

34 Narrow passages between buildings: ALLEYS

37 Muscat is its capital: OMAN

39 Put away for later: STORE

40 According to: PER

43 Gave birth to: SPAWNED

44 Big rig: SEMI

47 Manny Machado, before becoming a Padre: ORIOLE

48 Make plump: FATTEN

49 Reverse of a hit 45: BSIDE

52 Laurie of "House": HUGH

53 Norway's capital: OSLO

54 Haunted house sound: WAIL

55 Goes out, as the tide: EBBS

56 Just right: TOAT

57 Sushi bar drink: SAKE

61 Pot top: LID

62 Pale __: ALE

63 Relative in some business names: SON

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