LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 21 May 2019

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Los Angeles Times 21 May 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 21 May 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Fur-protesting org.: PETA

5 Criminals, to cops: PERPS

10 Idiotic: DUMB

14 With, in France: AVEC

15 Paying careful attention: ALERT

16 Biblical twin: ESAU

17 California county known for vineyards: NAPA

18 JFK Library architect: IMPEI

19 Talked like a rat? SANG

20 Shoe brand with a three-stripe logo: ADIDAS

22 Jabbing rudely: POKING

24 Rescue helicopter: MEDEVAC

26 Something for serving the English breakfast? TEATRAY

27 Spanish hand: MANO

28 Crushing on: INTO

29 Fronton game word: ALAI

32 Like about-to-be-toppled dominoes: ONEND

34 Surreptitious summons: PSST

38 Branded wares, informally: MERCH

40 American gymnast Raisman with three Olympic gold medals: ALY

41 Magazine name: TITLE

42 Preface, briefly: INTRO

43 Tip of a quill: NIB

44 Ensure the win: ICEIT

45 "The Tempest" king: ALONSO

47 Send to iCloud: UPLOAD

49 "Doctor Who" airer, familiarly: THEBEEB

50 Smoothie maker: BLENDER

52 Gained altitude: ROSE

53 "Survivor" faction: TRIBE

55 Stud farm stud: SIRE

56 Latin art: ARS

57 Not yet sleeping: STILLUP

59 Chicago ballplayer: CUB

60 Show on which Tina Fey co-starred for six seasons: SNL

61 Cooks' prep tools: PEELERS

62 India pale __: ALE

63 "Yo!": HEY

64 Bar tender in Tokyo? YEN

65 For instance: SAY

66 Blanc who voiced Bugs: MEL


1 Former Delta rival: PANAM

2 Give the slip: EVADE

3 Lukewarm: TEPID

4 It's often worn with a hood and mortarboard: ACADEMICROBE

5 Italian chum: PAISANO

6 Massachusetts state tree: ELM

7 U.S. House member: REP

8 Cursor beginning? PRE

9 Grad student's income: STIPEND

10 Computer screen array: DESKTOPICONS

11 Delta rival, as it was once known: USAIR

12 Exodus food: MANNA

13 Glitch-ridden, as software: BUGGY

21 "Selma" director DuVernay: AVA

23 Bread grain: OAT

25 Longtime late-night host: CONANOBRIEN

26 Don Ho's signature song ... and a hint to this puzzle's circled letters: TINYBUBBLES

29 "What __ missing?": AMI

30 "Stormy Weather" singer: LENAHORNE

31 In a naive way: ARTLESSLY

33 Giants QB Manning: ELI

35 Stabilizer for movie shooters: STEADICAM

36 Outmoded calculator: SLIDERULE

37 Hanoi New Year: TET

39 Sharpen: HONE

41 Shower wall piece: TILE

46 Divan kin: SETTEE

48 Thorax membrane: PLEURA

49 Garbage: TRASH

51 Defy authority: REBEL

54 __-at-ease: ILL

57 MI6 agent: SPY

58 "Gangnam Style" musician: PSY

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