LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 21 May 2022

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Los Angeles Times 21 May 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 21 May 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Support that's often rigged: MAST

5 Role, metaphorically: HAT

8 Pair sharing a <3 necklace, probably: BFFS

12 Instruments in some Gershwin works: ALTOSAXES

15 "I don't mind __ / Except as meals. / And the way they feels": Nash: EELS

16 Tabula rasa: CLEANSLATE

18 Joie de vivre: ELAN

19 Susan who wrote, "The writer's first job is not to have opinions but to tell the truth": SONTAG

20 Sources of fleeting joy? YACHTS

22 "Wrong hand, silly": YOUROTHERRIGHT

26 Active front? RETRO

27 Postulant: NOVICE

28 Grace period? AMEN

31 "Toodles!": TATA

33 Tree on the Lebanese flag: CEDAR

34 Latin law: LEX

35 Place to get high and pass out? TOPBUNK

37 Rx writers, often: DRS

38 Device that requires spin control: LATHE

40 Inoculation fluids: SERA

41 Literary alter ego: HYDE

42 Self-consoling sigh: ITRIED

44 Animal in Aboriginal cave paintings: DINGO

46 Line on a handwriting test: NEATNESSCOUNTS

50 One of two tarot card groups: ARCANA

51 Went viral: BLEWUP

53 State whose road signs feature 8-Downs: UTAH

54 Academic term: SCHOOLYEAR

57 Nice parent: MERE

58 Dessert with a high point: SOFTSERVE

59 Son of Hera: ARES

60 GRE org.: ETS

61 Like a fly ball to the warning track: DEEP


1 Safari runners: MACS

2 Heterogenous union: ALLOY

3 One working with a dictator: STENO

4 Perfectly: TOATURN

5 Lacks options: HASGOTTO

6 Rose up on stage: AXL

7 Leaves in a pot: TEA

8 Symbol of 53-Across: BEEHIVE

9 Was awash in euphoria: FELTGIDDY

10 Study aid: FLASHCARD

11 Three-part fig.: SSN

13 Bag: SNARE

14 Eyelid issue: STYE

17 Make dough or bread: EARN

21 Earthenware vessel: CROCK

23 Bags: TRAPS

24 Breeding grounds: HOTBEDS

25 Clipped: TERSE

28 Wiped out: ALLIN

29 One having a cow? MEATEATER

30 Not well-done in the least: EXTRARARE

32 Derived from gold: AURIC

35 Brandon __: Hilary Swank's "Boys Don't Cry" role: TEENA

36 Tiny tech powering Iron Man and Black Panther's suits: NANOBOTS

39 Tours of duty: HITCHES

41 Sweet: HONEYED

43 Fox holes: DENS

45 "Mine! Mine! Mine!" criers in "Finding Nemo": GULLS

47 Small pouches: SACS

48 Poetic contraction: TWERE

49 Polished: SUAVE

52 Get set: PREP

53 Actress Thurman: UMA

55 Rowing implement? HOE

56 Many times o'er: OFT

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