LA Times Crossword answers Monday 21 November 2016

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Los Angeles Times 21 November 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 21 November 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Correct: RIGHT

6 Dr.'s visit: APPT

10 "No __": "Piece of cake": PROB

14 Farewell that's bid: ADIEU

15 Societal woes: ILLS

16 Weapon in Clue: ROPE

17 It's "down at the end of Lonely Street," in an Elvis hit: HEARTBREAKHOTEL

20 Horse hair: MANE

21 Online marketplace: EBAY

22 City in upstate New York: UTICA

23 Business baron: TITAN

25 Liver secretion: BILE

27 Practice boxing: SPAR

28 Oil well output, in slang: BLACKGOLD

33 Hindu teacher: SWAMI

34 FÅ“tbol fan's cry: OLE

35 Fencing weapon: EPEE

36 Malleable metal: TIN

37 Historic events at Gettysburg and Vicksburg: BATTLES

41 Sister of Zsa Zsa: EVA

42 Ye __ Shoppe: OLDE

44 Spoil: ROT

45 Word with circle or tube: INNER

47 Miracle-Gro, e.g.: PLANTFOOD

50 Flower usually sold by the dozen: ROSE

51 Ivory source: TUSK

52 Upper crust: ELITE

54 NFL Hall of Famer Bart: STARR

57 Dreaded high school spots? ACNE

59 Baker's amts.: TSPS

62 Part of an Aretha Franklin refrain about fools ... and a hint to the ends of 17-, 28- and 47-Across: CHAINCHAINCHAIN

65 Swiss river: AARE

66 Congressional confidante: AIDE

67 Florida city on the Gulf Coast: TAMPA

68 Waitstaff rewards: TIPS

69 Post-combat affliction, briefly: PTSD

70 Sharply inclined: STEEP


1 Chicago mayor Emanuel: RAHM

2 Thought: IDEA

3 Big bamboo muncher: GIANTPANDA

4 "Peekaboo!": HEREIAM

5 Boy king: TUT

6 Online service for booking rooms with local hosts: AIRBNB

7 Guilty, for one: PLEA

8 Ump's cry before the first pitch: PLAYBALL

9 "For shame!": TSK

10 Mentored person: PROTEGE

11 Roast, in Dijon: ROTI

12 Oil cartel acronym: OPEC

13 Actor Lugosi: BELA

18 Arthur of "Maude": BEA

19 "Incredible" superhero: HULK

24 Chicago daily, familiarly: TRIB

26 Frozen drink brand: ICEE

27 Sty supper: SWILL

29 Keno kin: LOTTO

30 Ali Baba's magic words: OPENSESAME

31 "Drove my Chevy to the __": "American Pie" lyric: LEVEE

32 Luv: DEAR

33 "Knock it off!": STOP

38 Kennel cacophony: ARFS

39 Suffered financially: TOOKAHIT

40 iPhone's voice-activated app: SIRI

43 Postings in ledgers: ENTRIES

46 "Please, anything else!": NOTTHAT

48 Right or left, while driving: TURN

49 Didn't admit: DENIED

53 Sportscaster Berman: LEN

54 Ella's expertise: SCAT

55 Spicy Asian cuisine: THAI

56 Boomers' lobbying group: AARP

58 Scoundrels: CADS

60 Water carrier: PIPE

61 "Just like that!" fingers sound: SNAP

63 Put a limit on: CAP

64 Dol.'s 100: CTS

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