LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 21 November 2019

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Los Angeles Times 21 November 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 21 November 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Many big reds: CABS

5 Namely: TOWIT

10 X-ray units: RADS

14 Honolulu happening: LUAU

15 Lacking significance: INANE

16 Music halls of old: ODEA

17 Directive on an env.: ATTN

18 Play lightly, as a guitar: STRUM

19 Apt. part: BDRM

20 Upscale boutique: POSHSHOP

22 Holden Caulfield's little sister: PHOEBE

24 Constellation near Scorpius: ARA

25 Bookstore category: POETRY

26 Personal records: BESTS

29 Tire spec: PSI

31 Divest (of): RID

32 Berkeley Breathed's cartoon penguin: OPUS

33 Old money that looks new: CRISPSCRIP

37 Bark: YIP

38 Handle: SEETO

39 Purpose: END

40 Small craft on the deep sea: OCEANCANOE

43 Big fishhook: GAFF

44 Way to go: Abbr.: RTE

45 He broke Lou's record for consecutive games played: CAL

46 Accolades: KUDOS

47 Valedictorian's time to shine: SPEECH

49 Purpose: AIM

50 Liquids: FLUIDS

51 Quarrel of yore: PASTSPAT

56 Work to get: EARN

57 In an aloof way: ICILY

59 Twice tri-: HEXA

60 Exec's helper: ASST

61 "Try someone else": NOTME

62 Vienna-based oil gp.: OPEC

63 "Luke Cage" actor Rossi: THEO

64 It helps raise dough: YEAST

65 Bridge position: EAST


1 Applaud: CLAP

2 Mercury or Saturn, but not Mars: AUTO

3 Cricket clubs: BATS

4 Summery headwear: SUNHATS

5 Campbell-Martin of TV's "Dr. Ken": TISHA

6 Aboard: ONTO

7 Lumber defect: WARP

8 Shiba __: Japanese dog: INU

9 Pace: TEMPO

10 Stiffly awkward: ROBOTIC

11 Fear of poisonous snakes: ADDERDREAD

12 Churchill Downs event: DERBY

13 Unchanged: SAME

21 Some discount recipients: Abbr.: SRS

23 For madam: HERS

25 NBA great "__ Pete" Maravich: PISTOL

26 Limerick lad: BOYO

27 Herculean: EPIC

28 Outstanding prize money: SUPERPURSE

29 Say the Word: PREACH

30 School near Albany: SIENA

33 Trig function: Abbr.: CSC

34 "The Raven" writer: POE

35 Facts and figures: INFO

36 Some emailed files: PDFS

41 Diminished slowly: ATEINTO

42 Shortage: NEED

43 Private eye: GUMSHOE

46 DIY purchase: KIT

47 Seriously reduce: SLASH

48 Forensic drama set in the Big Apple: CSINY

49 To date: ASYET

50 Significant achievement: FEAT

51 Pocket bread: PITA

52 Donation to the poor: ALMS

53 Rap's Salt-N-__: PEPA

54 Hacking tools: AXES

55 Peacemaker's asset: TACT

58 Olympic runner Sebastian: COE

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