LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 21 November 2021

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Los Angeles Times 21 November 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 21 November 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Order not to pay: STOP

5 Attention-seeker's word: AHEM

9 Make up one's mind: DECIDE

15 Half of a theoretical duality: YANG

19 Frankfurt article: EINE

20 Make over: REDO

21 Serving from a buffet station: OMELET

22 Versed in: UPON

23 Part of a successful baker's rep? CRUSTCRED

25 Ice-cream shop cry? CALLFORCONE

27 Irritable: TESTY

28 Where to find Bend and Bandon: Abbr.: ORE

29 Mosaic part: TILE

30 Centers: NUCLEI

31 Joie de vivre: ELAN

33 New Age physician: HOLIST

35 Bundles that may be cylindrical: BALES

36 Nocturnal nuisance: SNORER

39 Critter that doesn't sound interesting: BOAR

41 Fish in a spread: TUNA

43 Has too much, briefly: ODS

44 Report on a sucker? COVERTHECHUMP

48 Expressed, as a farewell: BADE

50 Imitated: APED

51 Early Iranian: MEDE

52 Simple Simon's request: PIE

53 Try to live up to: EMULATE

57 Blue-striped ball: TEN

58 Amer. attorney's study: USLAW

60 Proofer's "Leave it alone": STET

62 Chihuahua kisses: BESOS

63 W. alliance since 1948: OAS

65 "Hadestown" creator Mitchell: ANAIS

67 Ice skater's small talk? COLDCHAT

69 Verify: CONFIRM

72 Metaphor for a mess: STY

73 Talked pompously: SPOUTED

74 Shell game item? CHEATCUP

75 Brown ermine: STOAT

77 Dumbbell abbr.: LBS

78 "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here" poet: DANTE

79 Puerto Rico, por ejemplo: ISLA

81 Company with orange-and-white trucks: UHAUL

83 Friend: PAL

86 Golf club without much loft: TWOIRON

88 Smashed: LIT

90 Humble response to praise: ITRY

91 South Africa's __ Town: CAPE

92 Sound of disgust, in comics: PTUI

93 Salon receptionist's job? CLOCKINGCLIPS

96 One side of many rulers: Abbr.: CMS

99 Composer of the opera "Alfred": ARNE

101 Oil cartel letters: OPEC

102 Smartphone sounds: ALERTS

103 Attempts to beat on foot: RACES

105 Bowler's aversion: GUTTER

108 Desierto's lack: AGUA

109 Listing in a revision, perhaps: ERRATA

111 "Juno" actor Michael: CERA

112 Many a bottom line: SUM

114 Wear away: ERODE

118 Cowardly committee head? CRAVENCHAIR

120 Farmers market IOU? CHARDCHIT

122 Bob with jokes: HOPE

123 Back fin: DORSAL

124 Move like honey: OOZE

125 Manual reader: USER

126 Some farm moms: EWES

127 Swift: SPEEDY

128 Potential opponents of us: THEM

129 Carry: TOTE


1 Group within a group: SECT

2 Lose energy: TIRE

3 Taxing task: ONUS

4 Wouldn't leave be: PESTERED

5 Rainbow, e.g.: ARC

6 Egret, for one: HERON

7 River to the Fulda: EDER

8 Sleep __: MODE

9 Tweak for better flavor, say: DOCTORUP

10 Text alternative: EMAIL

11 Quartet in many a string orchestra: CELLI

12 Least healthy: ILLEST

13 Bit of OED info: DEF

14 Thames campus: ETON

15 Desert plant in the asparagus family: YUCCA

16 Lunar program: APOLLO

17 "You don't have to": NONEED

18 Pleasant-sounding rock? GNEISS

24 Polk predecessor: TYLER

26 Sound from a nursery rhyme trio: RUBADUBDUB

32 Aesthetic notes: ARTMUSIC

33 "Caught you!": HAH

34 Sleeveless garment: TUBETOP

36 Vocal improv: SCAT

37 "Uh-uh!": NOPE

38 Kitchen fixture: OVEN

39 Late-night reading aids: BEDLAMPS

40 Arctic, for one: OCEAN

42 '60s conflict site: NAM

45 Guys: HES

46 Greeting card sentiment: MISSYOU

47 Carrier rider: PET

49 Chooses: ELECTS

54 "A Hard Road to Glory" author: ASHE

55 Hopper on a pad: TOAD

56 Fixer's proposed amt.: EST

59 Hot holiday drink: WASSAIL

61 Overjoyed: ECSTATIC

63 How police might act: ONATIP

64 Wine drinker's bonus: AFTERTASTE

66 Big comm. company, once: ITT

68 Dawdle: LOLLYGAG

69 Tobacco plug: CHAW

70 Winery prefix: OENO

71 Making a mess of: RUINING

74 Summer setting in K.C.: CDT

76 "Take __!": AHIKE

80 Inc. cousin: LLC

82 Keats' "foster-child of silence and slow time" is one: URN

83 Two together: PAIR

84 Cal. entry: APPT

85 Not so pricey: LESS

87 "The Fault in __ Stars": 2014 film: OUR

89 Badly timed, sometimes: TOOEARLY

91 Easy to see: CLEARCUT

94 Life-saving proc.: CPR

95 Like crossword answers: CLUED

96 Christmas display: CRECHE

97 Bone __: MARROW

98 Abrasion: SCRAPE

100 Trump game often with 24 cards: EUCHRE

104 Icicle sites: EAVES

106 Gibe: TEASE

107 G-B-D, say: TRIAD

108 Fill with wonder: AMAZE

110 Added stipulations: ANDS

112 Lipton of tea fame, for one: SCOT

113 Cry of trepidation: UHOH

115 Very: OHSO

116 Nutrition regimen: DIET

117 Basic French verb: ETRE

119 Filch: COP

121 Sleep phenomenon, briefly: REM

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