LA Times Crossword answers Friday 21 October 2016

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Los Angeles Times 21 October 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 21 October 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Deceptive operation: STING

6 Work with a number: OPUS

10 Deceptive distortion: SPIN

14 Indulge: HUMOR

15 Probe-launching org.: NASA

16 Words often after a number: ORSO

17 Place to take a 36-Down: EXPRESSWAY

19 Attire: WEAR

20 Euripides drama: MEDEA

21 Cook books, say: CHEAT

22 Venomous reptile: ASP

25 Place to run a 36-Down: CATTLERANCH

28 Horror film reaction: SHRIEK

30 Way out: EXIT

31 __ Throne: "Game of Thrones" monarchy: IRON

32 They may span decades: SAGAS

34 Tack on: ADD

37 Place to install a 36-Down: DESKTOPCOMPUTER

41 Pasture parent: EWE

42 Members of an exclusive league: IVIES

43 Pasta choice: ZITI

44 Lack of focus: BLUR

45 See 12-Down: ASIMOV

47 Place to hold a 36-Down: BLOODMOBILE

52 PC file extension: EXE

53 One percent, so to speak: ELITE

54 Lead-in to a drink? INEED

56 Fund-raiser, perhaps: GALA

57 Place to hit a 36-Down: GOLFCOURSE

62 "Totally!": AMEN

63 Brink: EDGE

64 Mill output: FLOUR

65 Not: NARY

66 Wolfish look: LEER

67 Neighborhood posting: FLYER


1 "__ Hate Me": Spike Lee film: SHE

2 Prom duds: TUX

3 Devil: IMP

4 Social convention: NORM

5 Country bordering three seas: GREECE

6 Kickoff: ONSET

7 Grab for clumsily: PAWAT

8 "Royal Pains" network: USA

9 Declare: SAY

10 "Well, whoop-de-do": SOWHAT

11 Get duded up: PREEN

12 With 45-Across, "The Bicentennial Man" author: ISAAC

13 Up __: NORTH

18 Deadwood's state: Abbr.: SDAK

21 Like new bills: CRISP

22 Out of the way: ASIDE

23 Nag: SHREW

24 Essay makeup: PROSE

26 Locking blocks: LEGOS

27 End-of-term ordeal: EXAM

29 Letterpress need: INK

32 VP after Hubert: SPIRO

33 Expert: ACE

34 Fairy-tale intro words: ATIME

35 Do a juice cleanse, say: DETOX

36 Theme of this puzzle: DRIVE

38 El Ni–o feature: TILDE

39 Female gamete: OVUM

40 Action film weapon: UZI

44 Mendel's science: BOTANY

45 Novelist Waugh: ALEC

46 Wave to from the dock: SEEOFF

47 Initiated: BEGAN

48 Andean transport: LLAMA

49 Edmonton NHL player: OILER

50 Hull region: BILGE

51 Deduce: INFER

55 Sigh-inducing: DULL

57 Holder of locks: GEL

58 Shelley work: ODE

59 Scheider of "Jaws": ROY

60 Seek payback, maybe: SUE

61 Fumble, e.g.: ERR

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