LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 21 October 2020

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Los Angeles Times 21 October 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 21 October 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "... where the sun / Came peeping in at __": Thomas Hood: MORN

5 Willie Mays, twice: MVP

8 Bowler's test: SPLIT

13 Carpet calculation: AREA

14 China setting: ASIA

15 Soccer star Rossi: PAOLO

16 *Old bowling alley employee: PINSETTER

18 Cry of dismay: OYVEY

19 Country singer Womack: LEEANN

20 Even things: ATONE

22 Part of ESL: Abbr.: ENG

23 *Pass prevention strategy: ZONEDEFENSE

28 Editor's change of heart: STET

30 "I agree!": AMEN

31 It's north of Afr.: EUR

32 Not very exciting: HOHUM

35 Seasickness symptom: NAUSEA

38 Cautionary workplace axiom ... or a hint to the starts of the answers to starred clues: SAFETYFIRST

40 Elk: WAPITI

42 Pre-discount prices: LISTS

43 Not well: ILL

44 Dollop: GLOB

46 Pacino's voice, at times: RASP

50 *Bad homes for critics? GLASSHOUSES

55 Golf standard: PAR

56 Deal with: SEETO

57 Capitol feature: CUPOLA

59 Like four Sandy Koufax games: NOHIT

61 *One-on-one golf competition: MATCHPLAY

64 It's good in Chile: BUENO

65 Agree with: ECHO

66 Shoppe modifier: OLDE

67 Shakespearean forest: ARDEN

68 2000s TV forensic technician, to pals: DEX

69 Fly high: SOAR


1 Breakfast condiment sources: MAPLES

2 Get one's bearings: ORIENT

3 Go back on a promise: RENEGE

4 Org. in the biodrama "Hidden Figures": NASA

5 WY winter hrs.: MST

6 Compete: VIE

7 Pre-Rose Bowl tradition: PARADE

8 Many an "SNL" skit: SPOOF

9 Two-time U.S. Open winner Stewart: PAYNE

10 Illicit rendezvous site: LOVENEST

11 La Corse, par exemple: ILE

12 Play (with): TOY

14 53 for I, e.g.: ATNO

17 Split __: New Zealand band: ENZ

21 Court sport: TENNIS

24 Astro's finish? NAUT

25 Harris of country: EMMYLOU

26 Take to court: SUE

27 Stat for Justin Verlander: ERA

29 Spicy cuisine: THAI

33 Time and again, to Yeats: OFT

34 Driver's license datum: HEIGHT

36 Poetic verb: ART

37 Cold War letters: USSR

38 Made waves? SPLASHED

39 Slight fabrications: FIBS

40 Freak (out): WIG

41 Every bit: ALL

45 Rose ominously: LOOMED

47 Swing era Harlem hot spot: APOLLO

48 Tea since 1892: SALADA

49 Supplication: PRAYER

51 River to the English Channel: SEINE

52 Resolute about: SETON

53 Danish shoe brand: ECCO

54 NFL defensive end Ndamukong __: SUH

58 Med. plan options: PPOS

59 Home to Kings: Abbr.: NBA

60 "__ Gang": OUR

62 Versatile card: ACE

63 "Much appreciated," in texts: THX

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