LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 21 September 2019

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Los Angeles Times 21 September 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 21 September 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Prepared for a shot: TOOKAIM

8 It dropped "Western" from its name in 1997: SAMOA

13 By design: ONPURPOSE

16 Basic: PLAIN

17 Come to one's senses: SEEREASON

18 Not level: ATILT

19 Department store section: CARDS

20 Pacific resort, popularly: CABO

22 Some years ago: ONCE

23 Like: ALA

24 Westernmost African capital: DAKAR

25 Hardly Mr. Cool: NERD

26 Commonly crumbled fare: SALTINES

29 Word on Italian street signs: VIA

30 Competition involving pictures: CAPTIONCONTEST

33 Hometown folks: LOCALS

34 Portmanteau coin: TOONIE

35 Longtime Warner Bros. output: ANIMATEDSHORTS

39 __ player: DVD


41 Legendary Asian: YETI

43 "War on Peace" author __ Farrow: RONAN

44 Network for cinema lovers: TMC

47 Homecoming figure: GRAD

48 Headline: STAR

49 Pinky __: SWEAR

51 Completely lost: ATSEA

53 Waiting line: ILLBEHERE

55 Imply: GETAT

56 Some of Nixon's Plumbers, formerly: CIAAGENTS

57 Simpson of fashion: ADELE

58 "Aha!": THATSIT


1 Puccini 3-Down: TOSCA

2 Magic star of the '90s: ONEAL

3 See 1-Down: OPERA

4 Member of an Iraqi minority: KURD

5 "Wonder Woman" (2017) villain: ARES

6 Microbrew option: IPA

7 Asti wine grape: MOSCATO

8 Pampering place: SPA

9 Brown on the Food Network: ALTON

10 Ring centerpiece: MAINEVENT

11 Cause of many '70s lines: OILCRISIS

12 Come before: ANTEDATE

14 Really absorb: SOAKIN

15 With all judges present, as at a Circuit Court: ENBANC

21 Lower-calorie cookie since 2015: OREOTHIN

24 Hardly Hollywood's most wanted: DLISTERS

26 Filter target: SPAM

27 World record? ATLAS

28 High-and-mighty sort: SNOOT

30 Exchanged for an equivalent: CONVERTED

31 Pucker inducer: ACIDTASTE

32 Revolutionary-era loyalist: TORY

33 Super Bowl LI performer: LADYGAGA

36 Hot: EROTIC

37 View from Anchorage: DENALI

38 Warn, watchdog-style: SNARLAT

42 Utopian: IDEAL

44 Many Beliebers: TEENS

45 Cuban hero JosŽ: MARTI

46 Peak: CREST

49 Dreamcast maker: SEGA

50 Sharpen: WHET

52 Had: ATE

54 "What a terrible idea!": BAH

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