LA Times Crossword answers Monday 21 September 2020

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Los Angeles Times 21 September 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 21 September 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 New York deli namesake Willy: KATZ

5 Nobel __: PRIZE

10 Pack of cards: DECK

14 Wind instrument: OBOE

15 "Superbad" co-screenwriter Seth: ROGEN

16 Pulitzer author Jennifer: EGAN

17 Red bonus square on the Scrabble board: TRIPLEWORDSCORE

20 Soak in the tub: BATHE

21 Casino wheel: ROULETTE

22 Michelle of "Crazy Rich Asians": YEOH

25 Sleep acronym: REM

26 Serious injury for a firefighter: THIRDDEGREEBURN

34 Go bad: ROT

35 Brazilian mountain chain: SERRA

36 Pop star whose name used to be spelled with a dollar sign: KESHA

37 Army outfit: UNIT

39 Particulars, informally: DEETS

41 DEA bust: RAID

42 "What a shame": SOSAD

44 Descendant: SCION

46 Ending with hero or alp: INE

47 1975 made-for-TV horror anthology starring Karen Black: TRILOGYOFTERROR

50 Online guffaw: LOL

51 "Seize the day" acronym: YOLO

52 Dual-purpose: TWOINONE

57 Royally named singer with the #1 album "Melodrama": LORDE

61 Appetizer-entr┼Że-dessert serving: THREECOURSEMEAL

64 Wine bottle date: YEAR

65 Divided Asian peninsula: KOREA

66 Happy hour places: BARS

67 Camera part: LENS

68 Wintry and white: SNOWY

69 Geometry class calculation: AREA


1 "Today" co-anchor Hoda: KOTB

2 Incantation opener: ABRA

3 "Nothing __!": "Easy!": TOIT

4 Gentle breeze: ZEPHYR

5 Start to fix? PRE

6 Use oars: ROW

7 Hunchbacked lab assistant: IGOR

8 Love, in tennis: ZERO

9 Last a long time: ENDURE

10 Month in which Kwanzaa starts: DECEMBER

11 Four-award acronym: EGOT

12 Golfer's transport: CART

13 Leg joint: KNEE

18 __ United: English soccer team: LEEDS

19 Smooth and glossy: SLEEK

23 Had too much, briefly: ODED

24 Joan of Arc's crime: HERESY

26 Put faith in: TRUST

27 "It's an __ just to be nominated": HONOR

28 Formal "Who's there?" reply: ITISI

29 Spanish artist El __: GRECO

30 Okay, as a treaty: RATIFY

31 Delta rival renamed in 1997: USAIR

32 Safari beast: RHINO

33 Consumerist Ralph: NADER

38 Scorekeepers, at times: TALLIERS

40 Explorer Hernando de ___: SOTO

43 Lorna of literature: DOONE

45 Portia de Rossi's "Ally McBeal" role: NELLE

48 Austrian pistols: GLOCKS

49 Self-moving vacuum: ROOMBA

52 Texter's "Chat soon": TTYL

53 Roller coaster cry: WHEE

54 Algerian seaport: ORAN

55 Midday: NOON

56 French franc successor: EURO

58 Fanny: REAR

59 Have the nerve: DARE

60 Lioness of film: ELSA

62 VCR go-back button: REW

63 Come out with: SAY

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