LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 21 September 2021

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Los Angeles Times 21 September 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 21 September 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Unit of parsley: SPRIG

6 Gridiron gear: PADS

10 Souvenir of a ticket: STUB

14 2000s first lady Bush: LAURA

15 Sheltered, at sea: ALEE

16 Overblown publicity: HYPE

17 Perpendicular to the keel: ABEAM

18 Travel aimlessly: ROAM

19 Monopoly token replaced by a cat: IRON

20 Football-shaped gem: MARQUISEDIAMOND

23 "The Addams Family" cousin: ITT

24 Switch positions: ONS

25 Winter sports footwear: SKIS

28 Get revenge: EVENASCORE

35 Author Rand: AYN

36 "__ the Falling Snow": Enya song: AMID

37 Gas up: REFUEL

38 Train making all the stops: LOCAL

40 Assist: AID

42 Column-bottom number: TOTAL

43 Right away: ATONCE

45 Danson and Nugent: TEDS

47 Hudson Riv. engineering school: RPI

48 Retriever retriever, perhaps: DOGCATCHER

50 Own (up): FESS

51 Vietnamese soup: PHO

52 Anti-discrimination initials: EEO

54 Estimates, and what the last parts of 20-, 28- and 48-Across are, in different ways: BALLPARKFIGURES

63 Side squared, for a square: AREA

64 Zippo: NONE

65 By oneself: ALONE

66 Thailand, once: SIAM

67 Dealing with the issue: ONIT

68 Pasta wheat: DURUM

69 Angel's instrument: HARP

70 After normal hours: LATE

71 "Austin Powers" genre: SPYFI


1 Grand __: SLAM

2 Old sunscreen ingredient: PABA

3 Remorseful one: RUER

4 Baghdad natives: IRAQIS

5 Entire spectrum: GAMUT

6 What birdies barely beat: PARS

7 Skin soother: ALOE

8 Perfectly accurate: DEADON

9 Business training session: SEMINAR

10 Leveling wedge: SHIM

11 Beginner: TYRO

12 Stratford-__-Avon: UPON

13 Curve in the road: BEND

21 Checkout counter unit: ITEM

22 Portfolio listings: ASSETS

25 Dish with greens: SALAD

26 Former capital of Japan: KYOTO

27 Undercover, informally: INCOG

29 By way of: VIA

30 Archie's spouse: EDITH

31 Corp. money manager: CFO

32 Bizarre: OUTRE

33 Brings in at harvest time: REAPS

34 Clothing designer Perry: ELLIS

36 Li'l Abner creator: ALCAPP

39 Mandela's org.: ANC

41 Low grade: DEE

44 Fuel additive: ETHANOL

46 Eins plus zwei: DREI

49 Popular Mexican beer: CORONA

50 Make a mess of: FOULUP

53 "Yipes!": EGADS

54 Wild party: BASH

55 Opera highlight: ARIA

56 Shakespeare's mad king: LEAR

57 Genie's abode: LAMP

58 Work with needles: KNIT

59 Big bash: FETE

60 Golfer McIlroy: RORY

61 Sufficient, in texts: ENUF

62 Game before the finals: SEMI

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