LA Times Crossword answers Monday 22 April 2019

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Los Angeles Times 22 April 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 22 April 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 River-end formation: DELTA

6 Sprinted: RAN

9 "Dancing Queen" group: ABBA

13 Disney mermaid: ARIEL

14 "A Doll's House" heroine: NORA

15 Snow remover: PLOW

16 *Last bit of decoration: FINALTOUCH

18 "Dirty Jobs" host Mike: ROWE

19 Casual tops: TEES

20 Pressure cooker sound: HISS

21 New Zealand fruits: KIWIS

22 Standing tall: ERECT

24 Off the leash: LOOSE

25 Sentence part: PHRASE

27 Ones gathering for a will reading: HEIRS

28 Kimono-clad entertainer: GEISHA

29 Droop: SAG

30 Little devils: IMPS

33 Pony up: PAY

34 *Coastal wetland often exposed at low tide: MUDFLAT

37 Corrida cry: OLE

38 Moving like sloths: SLOW

40 Spanish river: RIO

41 Heart-shaped photo holder: LOCKET

43 Suddenly became attentive: SATUP

45 Beat the goalie: SCORED

46 Rural storage buildings: SILOS

47 Serta alternative: SEALY

48 Church ringers: BELLS

49 Gives a hand: AIDS

50 Religious subdivision: SECT

54 Like many ESPN broadcasts: LIVE

55 Amount of TV watching limited by parents, and a hint to the last word of the answers to starred clues: SCREENTIME

57 "__-doke!": OKEY

58 Harbor structure: PIER

59 Slugger Judge: AARON

60 Party pooper: BORE

61 Pop-up annoyances: ADS

62 Mix: BLEND


1 Nutty: DAFT

2 Only Great Lake that borders Pennsylvania: ERIE

3 Ticket booth annoyance: LINE

4 Commercial lures: TEASERS

5 Every bit (of): ALL

6 Awaken rudely: ROUST

7 Fly ball trajectories: ARCS

8 "Don't think so": NAH

9 Presupposed by experience: APRIORI

10 *Talks big: BLOWSSMOKE

11 "Space Oddity" rocker David: BOWIE

12 Fills with wonder: AWES

14 "Hold the rocks": NOICE

17 Synonym-loaded reference: THESAURUS

21 Zen garden fish: KOI

23 __ Emanuel, Obama's first Chief of Staff: RAHM

24 Attorney's job: LEGALCASE

25 Gong sound: PEAL

26 *Lone Ranger's shout: HIYOSILVER

27 "2001" computer: HAL

28 Rte.-finding aid: GPS

29 Bay Area airport letters: SFO

31 Implored: PLED

32 Good to go: SET

35 Guacamole, e.g.: DIP

36 Jack or hammer: TOOL

39 State fish of South Dakota: WALLEYE

42 Seer's __ ball: CRYSTAL

44 How-__: DIY guides: TOS

45 Meal at Passover: SEDER

46 Fancy watch brand: SEIKO

47 Stable studs: SIRES

48 Gooey mass: BLOB

49 Etching fluid: ACID

51 County Kerry country: EIRE

52 "Let's do it!": CMON

53 Take care of: TEND

55 Place for a massage: SPA

56 Arrest, as a perp: NAB

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