LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 22 April 2020

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Los Angeles Times 22 April 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 22 April 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Tablet compatible with Apple Pencil: IPAD

5 Just short of the A-list? BPLUS

10 Entice: BAIT

14 "Yikes!": OHNO

15 Snorkeling spots: REEFS

16 "Marriage Story" actor Alan: ALDA

17 Strict prerequisite: SINEQUANON

19 Telegraph taps: DITS

20 Circus prop: STILT

21 Good dog's reward: TREAT

22 Powerful force for innovation: ENGINEOFCHANGE

26 Softly hit hit: BLOOP

27 Senior advocacy group: AARP

28 Spanish eight: OCHO

29 Certain Muslim: SHIITE

32 Part of an all-in-one printer: FAX

35 Spoke frankly: LAIDITONTHELINE

38 Go (for): OPT

39 Like pop tunes: CATCHY

40 __ collar: ETON

41 Shiny fabric: LAME

42 Crete peak: Abbr.: MTIDA

43 Trattoria seafood dish: SHRIMPLINGUINE

49 Seismic event: QUAKE

50 Certain believer: DEIST

51 Push: URGE

52 Aquarium collection: MARINELIFE

57 Hawkish god: ARES

58 Set straight: ALIGN

59 Playing to break a tie, briefly: INOT

60 Newbie: TYRO

61 Full of gossip: DISHY

62 Some hosp. scans: EEGS


1 Platform for 1-Across: IOS

2 Honor society letter: PHI

3 New England cape: ANN

4 Makes the world a better place: DOESGOOD

5 UCLA player: BRUIN

6 Washington portraitist Rembrandt __: PEALE

7 Slow, musically: LENTO

8 Eerie sky sight: UFO

9 W-9 or W-2 ID: SSN

10 Often unjust accusation: BADRAP

11 Presumed 8-Down pilot: ALIEN

12 Baggage requirement: IDTAG

13 Hint: TASTE

18 Makeup-removing swab: QTIP

21 Preakness horse's age: THREE

22 Yosemite climbing spot featured in "Free Solo," for short: ELCAP

23 Like four Koufax games: NOHIT

24 Belief system: FAITH

25 Cartoonist Guisewite or her title character: CATHY

26 Western neckwear: BOLO

29 Passport mark: STAMP

30 Suite spot: HOTEL

31 Fortune rival: INC

32 Belong: FITIN

33 Cell terminal: ANODE

34 TV ally of Hercules: XENA

36 Part of an ancient boast: ICAME

37 "Don't make waves": LETITLIE

41 In this way: LIKESO

42 Ponder: MUSE

43 Stocky: SQUAT

44 Get a move on: HURRY

45 Wild party: RAGER

46 "Luther" actor Elba: IDRIS

47 Bay sound: NEIGH

48 Weasley sister: GINNY

52 Ticked off: MAD

53 Journalist Velshi of MSNBC: ALI

54 Common word-ending letters that can be pronounced five ways, as demonstrated in five long puzzle answers: INE

55 Highway hazard: FOG

56 Presumed 8-Down crew: ETS

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