LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 22 April 2021

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Los Angeles Times 22 April 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 22 April 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Toddler's call: MOMMY

6 The universal language, some say: MATH

10 "Time __ transfix the flourish set on youth": Shak.: DOTH

14 Red tide cause: ALGAE

15 Bio, in a way, is aptly part of it: OBIT

16 Most populous Hawaiian island: OAHU

17 In the event of a freeze, ...: RESTARTCOMPUTER

20 Little pigs or blind mice: TRIO

21 Smelting residue: SLAG

22 Lowland: VALE

25 Title choice on a form: MRS

27 Destroy, as files: SHRED

31 Bitterroot Range st.: IDA

32 Take on: ASSUME

35 Close: NEAR

36 Rye fungus: ERGOT

38 Underestimate, say: MISJUDGE

40 In the event of a freeze, ...: WEARWARMCLOTHES

43 Shelter securely: ENSCONCE

44 Tech support callers: USERS

45 Like those who leap before they look: RASH

46 More evil: DARKER

49 Brown brew: ALE

50 Aerodynamic: SLEEK

52 Parker's wind: SAX

53 Ice cream brand: EDYS

54 Farm skyline sight: SILO

57 Sharp barks: YAPS

59 In the event of a "Freeze!," ...: DONTMOVEAMUSCLE

66 Jug: EWER

67 Michael Douglas' middle name: KIRK

68 Daily delivery: PAPER

69 Sky and Storm org.: WNBA

70 Mid-month day: IDES

71 Turkey neighbor: SYRIA


1 Deface: MAR

2 Spanish shout: OLE

3 Old British sports cars: MGS

4 Finish choice: MATTE

5 Orbital period: YEAR

6 Drives: MOTORS

7 Elementary sequence: ABC

8 Spanish relatives: TIOS

9 Web page standard: HTML

10 Baker's dozen: DOUGHNUTS

11 Cereal grain: OAT

12 Start of many band names: THE

13 "Ben-__": HUR

18 Crater borders: RIMS

19 Faux __: PAS

22 Nielsen ratings units: VIEWERS

23 Epinephrine-producing gland: ADRENAL

24 "Cooking With Power" author: LAGASSE

26 Seasons in the sun: SUMMERS

28 Member of a league in a Sherlock Holmes title: REDHEAD

29 With enthusiasm: EAGERLY

30 Ballroom attire: DRESSES

32 "Love on __-way Street": 1970 hit: ATWO

33 Open __ night: MIC

34 Non-native speaker's subj.: ESL

37 Theater section: ORCHESTRA

39 Soup du __: JOUR

41 "What else?": AND

42 Electronics pioneer: RCA

47 Vessels with cockpits: KAYAKS

48 Final, say: EXAM

51 Kipling title orphan: KIM

53 A 48-Down may include one: ESSAY

55 Norse prankster: LOKI

56 Poet banished by Augustus: OVID

58 Baby seals: PUPS

59 Beads on blades: DEW

60 Have title to: OWN

61 State east of Wyo.: NEB

62 Afore: ERE

63 First aid skill, for short: CPR

64 16-Across garland: LEI

65 Timeline section: ERA

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