LA Times Crossword answers Friday 22 April 2022

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Los Angeles Times 22 April 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 22 April 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Frito pie ingredient: CHILI

6 Percussion-based theater troupe: STOMP

11 Back in the day: AGO

14 TV signal part: AUDIO

15 SAT prep help, often: TUTOR

16 Like beach volleyball players: TAN

17 Casino array: SLOTS

18 See 6-Down: ANISE

19 Trellis growth: IVY

20 "Freeze!": HALT

21 Former spouse who never lets things get awkward? GRACEFULEX

23 Serpentine fish: EEL

25 Streisand film based on a Singer story: YENTL

26 Outcome when a salon student makes waves? LEARNERSPERM

32 Holy __: OIL

33 Cleared for takeoff? DEICED

34 Low nos. for aces: ERAS

38 Many Egyptians: ARABS

40 Domino dot: PIP

41 Day of the Dead drink: ATOLE

42 Arizona locale for spring training fans: MESA

43 Suits: BEFITS

45 Silent communication sys.: ASL

46 Luring an academic to the dark side? TURNINGAPROF

49 "The City & the City" novelist MiŽville: CHINA

51 WSJ news topic: IPO

52 Taylor Swift hit song about defying the haters, and an apt title for this puzzle: SHAKEITOFF

56 Cause of inflation? PUMP

60 "Nailed it!": YES

61 Miyazaki's genre: ANIME

62 Binge: SPREE

63 Snare: NET

64 Four-time Australian Open winner: SELES

65 Piano part: PEDAL

66 Weep: CRY

67 Utopias: EDENS

68 Mature: ADULT


1 "Hurt" singer: CASH

2 Dance for a lei person: HULA

3 TV competition, familiarly: IDOL

4 Kitten caboodle: LITTER

5 Apple platform: IOS

6 With 18-Across, ingredient in five-spice powder: STAR

7 Fish in salade niçoise: TUNA

8 Ear-relevant? OTIC

9 Sauntered: MOSEYED

10 Want more: PREFER

11 Listing: ATILT

12 Chairperson's hammer: GAVEL

13 Black stone: ONYX

21 Series set at McKinley High: GLEE

22 Not fulfilled: UNMET

24 Winds down: ENDS

26 Rich soil: LOAM

27 Word on some European postage stamps: EIRE

28 "That's a shame": ALAS

29 Mature: RIPEN

30 Octavia Butler's genre: SCIFI

31 "Fast Food My Way" chef Jacques: PEPIN

35 Have a good laugh: ROAR

36 Besides: ALSO

37 Mirror image: SELF

39 Dyeing art: BATIK


43 Clocked: BRAINED

44 "What a long week" sigh: TGIF

47 Trepidation: UNEASE

48 Burst: POPPED

49 Pull (for): CHEER

50 Impulsive: HASTY

52 Out of __: SYNC

53 Bananagrams piece: TILE

54 Sign: OMEN

55 Own (up): FESS

57 Lahore tongue: URDU

58 Repast: MEAL

59 Hide: PELT

62 Aprés-ski option: SPA

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