LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 22 August 2018

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Los Angeles Times 22 August 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 22 August 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Sources of fast cash: ATMS

5 Paper holder: CLIP

9 Underworld society: MAFIA

14 Secular: LAIC

15 Gambling city that rhymes with "casino": RENO

16 Chatting on WhatsApp, e.g.: IMING

17 "Frozen" queen: ELSA

18 Serpentine swimmers: EELS

19 Gall: NERVE

20 "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" subject: CORPORATEGREED

23 Hotmail alternative: AOL

24 Fashion monogram: YSL

25 Suffix with real or ideal: IST

26 Functional: USABLE

29 "Well, golly!": OHGEE

31 Subway stops: Abbr.: STNS

32 Occupant-owned apartment overseeing group: COOPBOARD

36 Comfy shoe: MOC

37 Adopt a caveman diet: GOPALEO

39 Utter: SAY

40 Many a comics supervillain: CRIMELORD

42 Shower affection (on): DOTE

43 Three squares, so to speak: MEALS

44 Apple music manager: ITUNES

46 Longtime NBC hit: SNL

47 Canon SLR: EOS

50 Band's stint: GIG

51 Eschewing big cable, and a hint to 20-, 32- and 40-Across: CUTTINGTHECORD

56 Think tank member: BRAIN

57 Beet, e.g.: ROOT

58 "I don't like the sound of that": UHOH

60 "Snowy" wader: EGRET

61 "The Time Machine" race: ELOI

62 Actress Hatcher: TERI

63 In vogue again: RETRO

64 Put through a screen: SIFT

65 Fifth Avenue store since 1924: SAKS


1 Tavern pour: ALE

2 Salon powder: TALC

3 Soup with tofu and seaweed: MISO

4 Sacred beetles: SCARABS

5 Étouffée cuisine: CREOLE

6 Lusty look: LEER

7 Woodwork embellishment: INLAY

8 Blog write-ups: POSTS

9 Dynasty known for its vases: MING

10 Explorer Vespucci: AMERIGO

11 Drought-affected annual period: FIRESEASON

12 Dyed-in-the-wool: INVETERATE

13 Like fine Scotch: AGED

21 D.C. insider: POL

22 Marry in a hurry: ELOPE

26 "Oorah!" org.: USMC

27 Coastal hurricane threat: STORMSURGE

28 Cave painting, e.g.: ANCIENTART

30 "Silicon Valley" channel: HBO

32 Nav. noncom: CPO

33 Wake maker: OAR

34 Not at all fresh: OLD

35 Batik supplies: DYES

37 Toothpaste choice: GEL

38 Jimmy of the Daily Planet: OLSEN

41 More grainy, as lager: MALTIER

42 Where bats hang out? DUGOUTS

44 "That makes sense": IGETIT

45 Nervous twitch: TIC

48 Scary beasts: OGRES

49 Absolut rival, familiarly: STOLI

51 Trucker with a handle: CBER

52 Really digging: INTO

53 Filly's foot: HOOF

54 Ostrich relative: RHEA

55 Socially awkward type: DORK

59 Friendly exchanges: HIS

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