LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 22 August 2020

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Los Angeles Times 22 August 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 22 August 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 NASCAR stat: MPH

4 Afternoon entertainment staples: SOAPOPERAS

14 Asia's __-Kum Desert: KARA

15 Certain junkie's stimulus: ADRENALINE

16 Slaughter on the diamond: ENOS

17 One sharing a pedigree: LITTERMATE

18 Frittata base: EGGS

19 Inexperienced: UNSEASONED

20 Combined: POOLED

22 Belgian or brown: ALE

23 Canonized pope known as "The Great": STLEO

24 Sea-__: TAC

26 Longtime New Yorker cartoonist Roz: CHAST

31 Starbucks selection: CAFFEMOCHA

34 Pi, for a circle with a radius of one: AREA

35 Where the action in Chicago's County General Hospital took place: ONER

36 Peripheral: OUTER

37 "Phooey!": RATS

38 Folklore fiend: OGRE

39 Folklore trickster: BRERRABBIT

41 Gets rid of: LOSES

43 Recognizes: IDS

44 "The Red House Mystery" author: MILNE

45 Delivery pros: OBS

47 "Truly!": HONEST

48 "Truly!": ICANNOTLIE

54 Stadium ticket info: GATE

55 Some white research subjects: ALBINOMICE

56 Freudian subjects: EGOS

57 Cosmetic coating: NAILENAMEL

58 Little pig, maybe: RUNT

59 Great places to make contact: SWEETSPOTS

60 Match with chips: SEE


1 Rhyming cocktail: MANGOTANGO

2 Ones working on the links: PROGOLFERS

3 Easy to use: HASSLEFREE

4 Mexican toast: SALUD

5 God played by Anthony Hopkins in "Thor": ODIN

6 Fine __: ARTS

7 H.S. instructors who show you the ropes? PETEACHERS

8 "Inside the NBA" analyst: ONEAL

9 About 3.26 light-years: PARSEC

10 Muppet who refers to himself in the third person: ELMO

11 "Knives Out" writer/director Johnson: RIAN

12 Required wager: ANTE

13 Tournament position: SEED

14 Doesn't freak out: KEEPSCOOL

21 Fair-hiring letters: EOE

24 Hotel handout: TOURISTMAP

25 Didn't do nothing: ACTED

27 Precursors: HARBINGERS

28 Group that suspended Syria in 2011: ARABLEAGUE

29 Permanent: SETINSTONE

30 Challenge often undertaken while blindfolded: TASTETEST

32 Unruly group: MOB

33 Talk Like a Pirate Day syllable: ARR

40 "Te __": Rihanna song: AMO

42 Emma Lazarus' "The New Colossus," e.g.: SONNET

46 Godsends: BOONS

47 Tips to one side: HEELS

48 Olympic swimmers Crocker and Thorpe: IANS

49 Arcade game grabber: CLAW

50 Irish Rose's beau: ABIE

51 Juba's river: NILE

52 Long way to go? LIMO

53 Rapper-turned-actor: ICET

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