LA Times Crossword answers Friday 22 December 2017

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Los Angeles Times 22 December 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 22 December 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Plodded (through): WADED

6 Dies down: EBBS

10 Not quite shut: AJAR

14 Where something can be set for later: ASIDE

15 Protected at sea: ALEE

16 Queen of Heaven: HERA

17 "The terrible tsar has arrived," either way? TISIVANONAVISIT

20 Gambit: TACTIC

21 __ Field: NYC stadium: CITI

22 QB Peyton Manning has an NFL passing record 539 of them: TDS

23 "I could __ horse!": EATA

25 "Sommersby" actor: GERE

27 Disappointed reaction to the censored version of "Fifty Shades of Grey," either way? EGADNOBONDAGE

32 Amused initialism: LOL

33 Clumsy boats: TUBS

34 Sweethearts: LOVES

37 Eponymous virologist: SALK

39 Part of NAFTA: TRADE

42 39-Across, perhaps: SELL

43 Hawaiian greeting: ALOHA

45 "The Americans" actress Russell: KERI

47 Magic org.? NBA

48 Query about the Cheshire's grin, either way? WASITACATISAW

52 Chipmaker's prefix: NANO

53 A, in many orgs.: ASSN

54 "__ who?!": SEZ

57 DEA agent: NARC

59 Slip away: ELAPSE

63 Mrs. Claus' remark about what she did to keep Santa home, either way? TOOBADIHIDABOOT

66 __ Domini: ANNO

67 Calendario units: ANOS

68 Springsteen's "Born __": TORUN

69 Tuts: TSKS

70 Wail: YOWL

71 __ innings: EXTRA


1 Measure of power: WATT

2 Tibet's place: ASIA

3 __ jockey: DISC

4 Polished words: EDITED

5 Nowhere near the norm: DEVIANT

6 Ending with Tyrol: EAN

7 Common-interest group: BLOC

8 Harmless: BENIGN

9 Ready for the curtain to open: SEATED

10 Sushi tuna: AHI

11 Kid: JEST

12 Moistureless: ARID

13 Traitors: RATS

18 Rebel, in a way: ACTOUT

19 Like some memes: VIRAL


26 Coaches' headaches: EGOS

27 Big cat of film: ELSA

28 Certain score: GOAL

29 Give the okay: ALLOW

30 City near Kobe: OSAKA

31 Roulette bets: EVENS

35 Actor Idris __: ELBA

36 Sandwich side: SLAW

38 Medieval Tatar chief: KHAN

40 Ten up front? DECA

41 Undid: ERASED

44 Pose in yoga: ASANA

46 Words just before leaving: ITSLATE

49 How Rome wasn't built? INADAY

50 Piemonte city: TORINO

51 Ready to be shipped: INABOX


55 An eternity: EONS

56 Pass (out): ZONK

58 Food on the trail: CHOW

60 Wine named for an Iberian city: PORT

61 __ grapes: SOUR

62 Sicilian mountain: ETNA

64 Derek and Peep: BOS

65 U.K. component: ISL

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