LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 22 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 22 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 22 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Abe Lincoln feature: BEARD

6 Starting from: ASOF

10 Yarn relative: TALE

14 Pool owner's bane: ALGAE

15 Spitting sound: PTUI

16 One slain in Genesis: ABEL

17 Dyeing targets for some: ROOTS

18 Dollywood's st.: TENN

19 Princess friend of Gabrielle: XENA

20 *Generate funds for a corporate project, say: RAISECAPITAL

23 Pinkish hues: CORALS

26 Archaeological artifact: RELIC

27 Ranges of colors: SPECTRA

29 "Fantastic" J.K. Rowling critters: BEASTS

33 Fortunate ones: HAVES

34 *Condition of steaming water with lots of bubbles breaking quickly: RAPIDBOIL

37 EPA pollution std.: AQI

38 Kept from squeaking: OILED

39 Outdoor gear brand: REI

40 *Drambuie and Scotch cocktail: RUSTYNAIL

43 Hogwarts motto language: LATIN

45 Watch closely: PEERAT

46 Poking fun at: TEASING

48 "__ Survive": disco classic: IWILL

51 In-group privilege: ACCESS

52 Abraham Lincoln nickname, and a hint to a hidden word in each answer to a starred clue: RAILSPLITTER

56 Not pizzicato: ARCO

57 Domesticated: TAME

58 Loses on purpose? DIETS

62 Trudge (through): SLOG

63 A comet was often considered a bad one: OMEN

64 WWII sea threat: UBOAT

65 Fork over, with "up": PONY

66 __ Room: White House banquet site: EAST

67 Reddish cent: PENNY


1 Limbo need: BAR

2 Jeff Lynne rock gp.: ELO

3 Had __ at: tried: AGO

4 Wearying grind: RATRACE

5 Makes potable, as seawater: DESALTS

6 Bldg. divisions: APTS

7 Take the helm: STEER

8 Prevention measure: OUNCE

9 Auction ender: FINALBID

10 One hailed in cities: TAXICAB

11 Be on the lookout for? ABET

12 Headey of "Game of Thrones": LENA

13 Airline to Tel Aviv: ELAL

21 Tel Aviv home: Abbr.: ISR

22 Variegated: PIED

23 Note in an A major scale: CSHARP

24 Not transparent: OPAQUE

25 Edit: REVISE

28 "Rigoletto" highlight: ARIA

30 Combat mission: SORTIE

31 Fast-food toy giveaways, typically: TIEINS

32 "The __ and arrows of outrageous fortune": Hamlet: SLINGS

35 "Thrilla in Manila" victor: ALI

36 Hit, as with snowballs: PELT

38 Sneaking, maybe: ONTIPTOE

41 Three-part work: TRILOGY

42 Sailing deviations: YAWS

43 Got ready for the ice, as skates: LACEDUP

44 Chalk up: ASCRIBE

47 No longer fast? EAT

49 Andean grazer: LLAMA

50 Bartender's supply: LIMES

52 Abrasive sound: RASP

53 Woody's son: ARLO

54 Clickable pic: ICON

55 Outdoor party rental: TENT

59 Ages and ages: EON

60 Summer shade: TAN

61 Oink pen: STY

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