LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 22 February 2018

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Los Angeles Times 22 February 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 22 February 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Word with rose or road: BED

4 AMA part: Abbr.: ASSOC

9 __ Bornes: card game: MILLE

14 Caen comrade: AMI

15 Thick-skinned herbivore: RHINO

16 Big Apple stage honors: OBIES

17 Longtime PBS news anchor: JIMLEHRER

19 Open, in a way: UNZIP

20 Delon of cinema: ALAIN

21 Exactas, e.g.: BETS

23 Site for a railroad signal: GRADECROSSING

30 Part of __: ASET

31 Hawk or eagle: RAPTOR

32 Tic-toe link: TAC

35 "That was close!": PHEW

38 Buckwheat dish: KASHA

39 Statistic including farmers and their neighbors: RURALPOPULATION

43 "25" album maker: ADELE

44 Wedding invitation encl.: SASE

45 Yellowknife is its cap.: NWT

46 Mournful artwork: PIETAS

48 Abhor: HATE


55 Anorak part: HOOD

56 Really cool place to live? IGLOO

59 Grouchy look: SCOWL

63 Primitive area, and what's literally found in this puzzle's circles: BACKWOODS

66 Ventricular outlet: AORTA

67 Thar Desert country: INDIA

68 JFK Library architect: PEI

69 180-degree river bend: OXBOW

70 __ Heights: Mideast region: GOLAN

71 Serpentine letter: ESS


1 Mexicali's locale: BAJA

2 Oscar winner Jannings: EMIL

3 Joltin' Joe: DIMAG

4 Bull-riding venues: ARENAS

5 Warning to a chatty theatergoer: SHH

6 Chivalrous title: SIR

7 Year not designated as such until centuries later: ONEBC

8 Kitchen gizmo: CORER

9 Greek menu staple: MOUSSAKA

10 Hebrew : Ben :: Arabic : __: IBN

11 Lemon on "30 Rock": LIZ

12 Floral neckwear: LEI

13 Clairvoyant's gift: ESP

18 Turkish dough: LIRA

22 Only Canadian MLB team: TOR

24 "Murder on the Orient Express" (2017) actor: DEPP

25 Value system: ETHOS

26 Irritated words: SPAT

27 "__ the bag": ITSIN

28 "Not gonna happen": NOHOW

29 Researcher's request: GRANT

32 "The Sound of Music" name: TRAPP

33 Sound: AUDIO

34 Fish basket: CREEL

36 #TestforRadon org.: EPA

37 Chinese martial arts: WUSHU

40 Meter opening? ALTI

41 Rule governing intentional walks? LEASHLAW

42 Open fields: LEAS

47 "Ray Donovan" network, briefly: SHO

49 Ang Lee's birthplace: TAIWAN

50 Its main product was originally given the portmanteau name "Froffles": EGGO

52 Ferber novel: SOBIG

53 Hersey's "A Bell for __": ADANO

54 Skip church? ELOPE

57 Pindaric verses: ODES

58 Malady suffix: OSIS

59 __ Paulo: SAO

60 Regatta chief: COX

61 Marble, e.g.: ORB

62 Geneva-based commerce gp.: WTO

64 XLV x X: CDL

65 Sedona, for one: KIA

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