LA Times Crossword answers Friday 22 February 2019

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Los Angeles Times 22 February 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 22 February 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Information desk sign: ASKME

6 Sits in a cellar, say: AGES

10 Chuckleheads: SAPS

14 Yuletide name: CLAUS

15 Philanthropist Wallace: LILA

16 Grammy-winning rapper: ICET

17 Totally rad electric guitar performance? KILLERWAIL

19 Short copy? DUPE

20 Upper bod muscle: PEC

21 Poor Richard, really: BEN

22 Brusque: TERSE

23 Emergency bucket on Dior's boat? CHRISTIANBAIL

27 Nonbeliever: ATHEIST

29 Shoreline flood protection: DUNE

30 Caper film event: HEIST

31 Actor Danson: TED

32 Dessert chain with Cotton Candy Freeze: TCBY

36 Travel guide: MAP

37 Jib made of clothing labels? TAGSAIL

41 SE state: ALA

42 "When all __ fails ... ": ELSE

44 "Let 'er __!": RIP

45 Zac of "Baywatch": EFRON

47 Error: GOOF

49 Master piece? PADLOCK

51 Where to find more beach toys? BEYONDTHEPAIL

55 Expunge: ERASE

56 Mahershala of "True Detective": ALI

57 IMAX purchase: TKT

59 X-ray, Yankee, __: ZULU

60 Impressive New York zoo peacock display? ABRONXTAIL

64 Phone button abbr.: OPER

65 X-ray units: RADS

66 Starbucks size: VENTI

67 Double __ Oreos: STUF

68 "If you don't mind?": MAYI

69 In other words, in Caesar's words: IDEST


1 "Crikey!": ACK

2 Berth place: SLIP

3 Healthy snack: KALECHIPS

4 Puts a cover on, as a bed: MULCHES

5 Jargon suffix: ESE

6 Astros' MLB division: ALWEST

7 Really big: GIANT

8 "The House With a Clock in Its Walls" director Roth: ELI

9 "On the Road" narrator: SAL

10 Secondary wager: SIDEBET

11 Integra maker: ACURA

12 "For every generation" soft drink: PEPSI

13 1943 penny metal: STEEL

18 Hitting stat: RBIS

22 Paramount Network, once: TNN

24 "Norma Rae" director: RITT

25 Writer's block breakthrough: IDEA

26 German wheels: AUDI

27 Words of lament: AHME

28 Marsh duck: TEAL

31 Cough syrup meas.: TSP

33 Actress who plays Kimmy Schmidt's landlady: CAROLKANE

34 Allied group: BLOC

35 Jerk: YANK

38 "Sunday Night Baseball" analyst, familiarly: AROD

39 One often taking a bow: GIFT

40 Helen of Troy's mother: LEDA

43 Try to find oneself? EGOSURF

46 Made moth moves: FLITTED

48 Half and half: ONE

49 House speaker after Ryan: PELOSI

50 Neat as __: APIN

51 Amazon founder: BEZOS

52 Blow one's stack: ERUPT

53 Ivy in Conn.: YALEU

54 Resistant to cold, as plants: HARDY

58 Small songbirds: TITS

60 Parka sleeve: ARM

61 "Listen, ewe!": BAA

62 Income tax Amendment: XVI

63 Hammered: LIT

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