LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 22 February 2020

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Los Angeles Times 22 February 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 22 February 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Rubber-stamped item? INKPAD

7 Rose's record 14,053: ATBATS

13 Dessert for one, maybe: MINIPIE

15 Cotton farm threat: WEEVIL

16 Handlers for a mixologist: ICETONGS

18 Joey of *NSYNC: FATONE

19 Liquid meas.: GAL

20 Mythical mount that flies: PEGASUS

22 '90s sitcom "__ and Stacey": NED

23 Maintained: HELD

25 Invalid: NULL

26 Steep projection: CRAG

27 Shocker on a cop's belt: TASER

29 High words: ODE

30 "All done!": THERE

31 Light lunch choices: VEGGIEWRAPS

34 Pinkish nail polish shade: CORAL

35 Buddies, in slang: PEEPS

36 "That could work": NOTABADIDEA

38 Sheets, e.g.: LINEN

39 Score half: TEN

40 Stadium souvenirs: STUBS

44 Some are random and kind: ACTS

45 Alone, in a way: STAG

46 Maui, for one: ISLE

47 "Told ya!": SEE

48 Hillary aides: SHERPAS

51 Springfield small business owner: MOE

52 Taste test need: TONGUE

54 Sun spot? SOLARIUM

56 Major course: ENTREE

57 Team on a football field: DEFENSE

58 About 25% of California: DESERT

59 Sent revealing messages: SEXTED


1 "Maybe": IMIGHT

2 City for which a creed is named: NICAEA

3 Solemn sounds: KNELLS

4 Date center: PIT

5 Each: APOP

6 It goes with wine: DINE

7 Really bad: AWFUL

8 Hot spots? TEAS

9 Get in the pool: BET

10 Sellers of some beauty products: AVONREPS

11 Problems for ones making notes? TINEARS

12 Heavy hitter: SLEDGE

14 Starbucks holiday drink: EGGNOGLATTE

17 Many an Arab News reader: SAUDI

21 Capsule for a nap: SLEEPINGPOD

24 Allocates: DEVOTES

26 Flatbread similar to naan: CHAPATI

28 Showed over: RERAN

30 According to the poet's oldest son, it was written "by a window looking down a wooded hill": TREES

32 Shoot the breeze: GAB

33 Unite: WED

34 What's inside: CONTENTS

36 "Impressive!": NICEONE

37 Sweeties: DEARS

38 Went the distance: LASTED

41 Where a lot of money is made: USMINT

42 Top: BLOUSE

43 Appeared: SEEMED

45 One might be fit for a king: SHEET

48 Litigant: SUER

49 Bass and such: ALES

50 Call at a base: SAFE

53 Hurdle for srs.: GRE

55 Dog in the Reagan White House: REX

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