LA Times Crossword answers Monday 22 February 2021

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Los Angeles Times 22 February 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 22 February 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Hand-dyeing method: BATIK

6 Alaskan malamute team's burden: SLED

10 __ Field: Mets' home: CITI

14 Lose strength: ABATE

15 Attire for Caesar: TOGA

16 Closely related: AKIN

17 "Really!": SUREENOUGH

19 Pinball flub: TILT

20 Metal-shaping tool: STAMPER

21 Defame verbally: SLANDER

23 Fifth Avenue retailer: SAKS

25 Final word: SAYSO

26 Even though: ALBEIT

30 Low-cost and inferior: CHEAPO

33 Early synthetic fiber: RAYON

34 Pinch, as piecrust: CRIMP

35 D.C.'s nation: USA

38 Kilt-wearing family: CLAN

39 Hotel visitor: GUEST

40 Soon, to a bard: ANON

41 Rogue computer in "2001": HAL

42 Uses a fireplace tool: POKES

43 Sci-fi robot: DROID

44 Really rich: LOADED

46 With dexterity: DEFTLY

47 Davis Jr. of the Rat Pack: SAMMY

49 Pig's meal: SLOP

51 Source of maple syrup: TREESAP

54 One of 12 at the Last Supper: APOSTLE

59 Straight from the mouth: ORAL

60 "Really!": FORCERTAIN

62 Subside: WANE

63 Cleveland's lake: ERIE

64 Carried in a bag: TOTED

65 The "S" in CBS: Abbr.: SYST

66 Gets hitched: WEDS

67 Reaches across: SPANS


1 Deep choir voice: BASS

2 Share a boundary with: ABUT

3 "Gone With the Wind" estate: TARA

4 Checklist detail: ITEM

5 Represses, as emotions: KEEPSIN

6 Storied baby-bringing bird: STORK

7 Gehrig in Cooperstown: LOU

8 Dairy case dozen: EGGS

9 Roald who created Willy Wonka: DAHL

10 Bit of shuteye: CATNAP

11 "Really!": IKIDYOUNOT

12 Scrabble pieces: TILES

13 Emcee's lead-in: INTRO

18 In apple-pie order: NEAT

22 "Hurry!" on a memo: ASAP

24 Windbags' speeches: SCREEDS

26 One of two in McDonald's "M": ARCH

27 In __ land: spaced-out: LALA

28 "Really!": BYALLMEANS

29 A billion years, in geology: EON

31 Tire leak sound: HISS

32 911 responder: Abbr.: EMT

34 Pickled veggie: CUKE

36 Gardener's bagful: SOIL

37 Warhol of pop art: ANDY

39 Thor or Zeus: GOD

40 Comics bark: ARF

42 Forks over: PAYS

43 Kicks out of the country: DEPORTS

45 Brunch fare made with 8-Down: OMELET

46 Dimwit: DOPE

47 Stashes in a hold: STOWS

48 Assortment: ARRAY

50 Shoe strings: LACES

52 Not very many: AFEW

53 Skin opening: PORE

55 Word on an octagonal sign: STOP

56 Brit's goodbye: TATA

57 Legal claim on property: LIEN

58 Comes to a halt: ENDS

61 Get __ of: dump: RID

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