LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 22 January 2020

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Los Angeles Times 22 January 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 22 January 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Construction guideline: SPEC

5 Pitfalls: TRAPS

10 Bible book that chronicles the conversion of Paul: ACTS

14 Rake prong: TINE

15 Soprano Fleming: RENEE

16 Fluctuate: VARY

17 500 sheets of paper: REAM

18 "I'm on __!": AROLL

19 Access, as a computer program: OPEN


23 Characterized by: PRONETO

24 Provide parenting for: RAISE

27 Art Deco icon: ERTE

28 Compel to land, as a plane: FORCEDOWN

32 Massage therapist's employer: SPA

34 Penn. neighbor: DEL

35 Handling the situation: ONIT

36 Lilly of pharmaceuticals: ELI

39 Coffee cup insulators: SLEEVES

42 Texting format, for short: SMS

43 "Boogie Nights" actor Reynolds: BURT

45 Night school subj.: ESL

46 Fashion plate: FOP

48 Red or white unit: BLOODCELL

51 Put one over on: FOOL

54 Islamic denomination: SUNNI

55 Oregon city near the mouth of the Columbia: ASTORIA

58 Speaking Spanglish, say ... or a hint to what's hidden in 20-, 28- and 48-Across: CODESWITCHING

62 Competent: ABLE

64 Suck-up: TOADY

65 Afrikaans speaker: BOER

66 Shiraz's land: IRAN

67 Make one's case: ARGUE

68 Cupid's wings: ALAE

69 Anti-DUI org.: MADD

70 Tango moves: STEPS

71 "This is for you": HERE


1 Guitar support: STRAP

2 Missouri River capital: PIERRE

3 Fill with affection: ENAMOR

4 Fixes in place: CEMENTS

5 Activist's handout: TRACT

6 Install new shingles on: REROOF

7 Quote book abbr.: ANON

8 Ill-gotten gains: PELF

9 Move for money: SELL

10 Guacamole ingredient: AVOCADO

11 Underwriting? CAPTIONS

12 Roman three: TRE

13 Many a crossword clue: Abbr.: SYN

21 Ocean trenches: DEEPS

22 Fury: IRE

25 Enjoy the pool: SWIM

26 Tonsillitis-treating MDs: ENTS

29 Former "Entertainment Tonight" co-anchor Nancy: ODELL

30 Make growl, as an engine: REV

31 Sheet music symbol: CLEF

33 Actor Baldwin: ALEC

36 Goes back out: EBBS

37 Humdinger: LULU

38 Like a rock-solid contract: IRONCLAD

40 Language suffix: ESE

41 Start of civilization? SOFTC

44 Constantly: TONOEND

47 Bureaucratic bigwig: POOHBAH

49 Impersonated: DID

50 On the injured list: LAIDUP

52 Camden Yards player: ORIOLE

53 One-dimensional: LINEAR

56 Eye annoyances: STYES

57 Be on the same page: AGREE

59 Share-a-ride pickup hrs.: ETAS

60 Microsoft Excel command: SORT

61 Compensation: WAGE

62 Crossbow wielder's asset: AIM

63 Maidenform garment: BRA

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