LA Times Crossword answers Friday 22 January 2021

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Los Angeles Times 22 January 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 22 January 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Hard to rattle: STOIC

6 Easy-to-read sign: NEON

10 Two-time Cy Young winner Jacob deGrom and teammates: METS

14 "The Metamorphosis" author: KAFKA

15 Big show: EXPO

16 Miami Heat coach Spoelstra: ERIK

17 Gather: INFER

18 Difficult golf shot? HARDDRIVE

20 Liftoff approx.: ETD

21 Approximately: CIRCA

23 "__, right?!": IKNOW

24 Breakfast spot for golfers? DOUGHNUTHOLE

27 Deck chair wood: TEAK

28 Sports standout: ALLPRO

32 Ophthalmology concerns: STYES

34 Dismissive sound: PFFT

37 Tool that only works in water: OAR

38 Low-quality golf equipment? MICKEYMOUSECLUB

42 Nœmero peque–o: UNO

43 WNBA broadcaster: ESPN

44 Fretted fiddles: VIOLS

45 Easygoing folks: TYPEBS

48 Desk set: PENS

49 Golf simulator shot? COMPUTERCHIP

55 State in two time zones: IDAHO

58 Wide variety: ARRAY

59 Italian diminutive suffix: INO

60 Place to meet single golfers? DATERANGE

62 Soup veggies: OKRAS

64 Sporty Camaro: IROC

65 "That Is NOT a Good __!": Mo Willems children's book: IDEA

66 Food pkg. info: NETWT

67 Like dungeons, typically: DANK

68 Support at sea: MAST

69 Makes more bearable: EASES


1 Made tracks? SKIED

2 Non __: not so much, in music: TANTO

3 One working a security detail, perhaps: OFFDUTYCOP

4 Mike and __: candy: IKE

5 "Fast & Furious" staple: CARCHASE

6 Indira Gandhi's father: NEHRU

7 __ change: EXACT

8 Harpo Productions CEO: OPRAH

9 Go-ahead: NOD

10 German chancellor since 2005: MERKEL

11 "The Night Circus" novelist Morgenstern: ERIN

12 Record for later: TIVO

13 Slant: SKEW

19 Pickle herb: DILL

22 HP product: INK

25 Nerdy type: GEEK

26 Stable supply: OATS

29 Top choices: POLOSHIRTS

30 Fidel's successor: RAUL

31 Golf balls, e.g.: ORBS

32 Salacious stuff: SMUT

33 Lilliputian: TINY

34 Indian VIPs: PMS

35 Clotheshorse: FOP

36 First answer in the first-ever published crossword: FUN

39 Polite assent: YESM

40 All of us: EVERYONE

41 POTUS, per Article II, Section 2: CINC

46 Payment option: ECHECK

47 Uncultured one: BOOR

48 Soup veggie: PEA

50 __ Express: fast-food chain: PANDA

51 Impulses: URGES

52 Pick up the tab: TREAT

53 Dazzled: INAWE

54 Formally records, as a golf score: POSTS

55 "Look what __!": IDID

56 Uber CEO Khosrowshahi: DARA

57 Oodles: ATON

61 Asset in darts: AIM

63 Mauna __: KEA

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