LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 22 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 22 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 22 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Jiggly edible: ASPIC

6 One swimming in a pod: ORCA

10 It's dangerous to trip on it: ACID

14 Put away: STASH

15 Sound from a boxer: WOOF

16 Words of dismay: OHNO

17 Allocate: PORTIONOUT

19 Endure: LAST

20 Former MLB outfielder whose name sounds very similar to a Kellogg's cereal: COCOCRISP

21 APB subject: PERP

22 Spots on a screen: ADS

23 Half a candy bar? KAT

24 Ring setting: CIRCUS

26 Stock room: PEN

27 "Downton Abbey" countess: CORA

29 Lure for some conquistadors: ORO

30 They hold less than 10% as much as their name suggests: TENGALLONHATS

33 Ones battling demons: TORTUREDSOULS

34 They need to be blown up: AIRMATTRESSES

35 Dorm room metaphor, maybe: STY

36 Amontillado holder: CASK

37 Fidget (with): TOY

38 Maker of 49-Down: LIPTON

40 Pride, for one: SIN

41 Research bldg.: LIB

44 "Drive" band, with "The": CARS

45 Conversation priv┼Że: TETEATETE

48 Cook Islands export: TARO

49 South side: TEXASTOAST

50 Start of a play: ACTI

51 Norse name that means "eternal ruler": ERIK

52 Jackson 5 features: AFROS

53 Suffers the consequences: PAYS

54 Get in the game: ANTE

55 Cheerful: SUNNY


1 Humane gp. for 150+ years: ASPCA

2 Stopped lying: STOOD

3 Paris play areas: PARCS

4 :: ISTO

5 Some antojitos: CHICKENTACOS

6 Answer for something: OWNIT

7 Joeys, e.g.: ROOS

8 Something to pull off: COUP

9 At the stern: AFT

10 Many a surfer: AOLER

11 Some sketches: CHARCOALS

12 Not all at once: INSPURTS

13 Make a point: DOT

18 Rainforest denizen: ORANGUTAN

21 Chopin trio: PIANOSONATAS

24 Features on a track: CROSSTIES

25 Coast Guard pickup: SOS

26 Waves overhead? PERM

27 Stocking employee: CLERK

28 Pleasingly dated retail adjective: OLDE

30 BoJo's political affiliation, informally: TORYPARTY

31 Theater __: ARTS

32 Black Panthers co-founder Newton: HUEY

33 View from Bolivia's Isla del Sol: TITICACA

34 Digital communication syst.: ASL

39 Cinq moins deux: TROIS

40 Share: STAKE

41 Teach improperly? LEARN

42 "You're going down!": ITSON

43 First name in flags: BETSY

45 Cousin of a gull: TERN

46 Bail: EXIT

47 Vegan staple: TOFU

48 Designate: TAP

49 38-Across product: TEA

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