LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 22 July 2017

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Los Angeles Times 22 July 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 22 July 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Veal __: PARM

5 Seal: SHUT

9 Actress Thompson of "Creed": TESSA

14 "Gotcha": ISEE

15 Posh "Peace!": TATA

16 One remaining: OTHER

17 Israeli foreign minister during the Six-Day War: EBAN

18 It began in 2010 with the Tunisian Revolution: ARABSPRING

20 Legendary Shawnee leader: TECUMSEH

22 __ Rico: PUERTO

23 Suffix suggesting wiggle room: ISH

24 Uncertain utterances: UHS

25 School squad goal? PEP

26 English __: LIT

27 Greek walkways: STOAS

29 Spy-fi employer: CIA

30 Boggy biomes: FENS

31 False pretenses: MOUNTEBANKERY

35 They win audiences over bit by bit: STANDUPCOMICS

37 Denzel Washington's directorial debut: ANTWONEFISHER

39 Gigging group: BAND

41 Shakespearean interjections: AYS

42 Company with "It's what you do" ads: GEICO

43 Briefs brand: BVD

44 Woolf's "__ Dalloway": MRS

45 Pit stuff: TAR

47 44-Across, in Andalusia: SRA

48 __ beef: CORNED

50 Separated seed from: THRESHED

52 Epic salvo of social media missives: TWEETSTORM

54 What you might pass, but can't fail, in school: NOTE

55 Hair extension: WEAVE

56 Instrument often made of African blackwood: OBOE

57 Spread on the table: OLEO

58 More bizarre: ODDER

59 Watched carefully: EYED

60 Iraq War concerns, for short: WMDS


1 Old doctrinal Lutheran movement: PIETISM

2 Mineral involved in much litigation: ASBESTOS

3 Nonprofit that won a 2007 UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy: REACHOUTANDREAD

4 List with sides: MENU

5 Illicit collection, perhaps: STASH

6 Some bounders: HARES

7 Where I-15 and I-80 meet: UTAH

8 Where charges are entered at the bar: TAB

9 Refill: TOPUP

10 Tours to be? ETRE

11 First black U.S. Congresswoman: SHIRLEYCHISHOLM

12 Submitted: SENTIN

13 Specialized idioms: ARGOTS

19 Discuss: SPEAKOF

21 Forbidding contraction: MUSTNT

25 __-nez glasses: PINCE

28 Vishy __, World Chess Champion before Carlsen: ANAND

29 Crunch and others? CAPNS

30 Bichon __: FRISE

32 "Breakfast at Tiffany's" director: EDWARDS

33 Lifts up: BUOYS

34 Expatriate: EMIGRE

36 Hidden away: SECRETED

38 Bus meets, e.g.: ROADEOS

39 "The Great British Bake Off" airer, initially: BBCTWO

40 Declared: AVOWED

44 One fed on the street: METER

45 Sharp pang: THROE

46 Fortified: ARMED

49 Campbell of the "Scream" franchise: NEVE

50 Belch in "Twelfth Night": TOBY

51 Word with bank or board: SNOW

53 It may be jammed: TOE

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