LA Times Crossword answers Monday 22 July 2019

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Los Angeles Times 22 July 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 22 July 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Like some hygiene: ORAL

5 Casual greeting: HIYA

9 House level accessed with pull-down stairs: ATTIC

14 Folk singer Seeger: PETE

15 Assist with a heist: ABET

16 Harry Potter nemesis __ Malfoy: DRACO

17 "Around the Horn" channel: ESPN

18 __ line: 18th-century dispute-resolving state border: MASONDIXON

20 "Awesome!": NEATO

22 NFL analyst Tony: ROMO

23 German "a": EINE

24 Kite-flying need: STRING

26 Puts on the line, as money: RISKS

28 Fluffy, citrusy pie: LEMONCHIFFON

33 Lousy grade: DEE

36 USN noncom: CPO

37 Devon delivery vehicle: LORRY

38 "My mom and dad will kill me!": IMTOAST

41 '90s prime-time soap "__ Place": MELROSE

43 Less: MINUS

44 License plate: TAG

45 Acquired: GOT

46 Family car largely replaced by the minivan and SUV: STATIONWAGON

51 Brief movie role: CAMEO

52 Sure winner: SHOOIN

56 Too: ALSO

59 Voices below soprani: ALTI

61 __ Carlo: MONTE

62 Ordinary-sounding state bird of Minnesota: COMMONLOON

65 Pols from blue states, usually: DEMS

66 Pecans and pistachios: TREES

67 Overnight lodgings: INNS

68 Tiny biting insect: GNAT

69 Latin "that is": IDEST

70 Fair-hiring agcy.: EEOC

71 Slow Churned ice cream brand: EDYS


1 Bids first: OPENS

2 Go back to zero: RESET

3 For the stock issue price: ATPAR

4 Soup legume: LENTIL

5 Radio hobbyist: HAM

6 Letter-shaped beam: IBAR

7 "Decide now!": YESORNO

8 Word with power or energy: ATOMIC

9 Toss in: ADD

10 Attempts to get: TRIESFOR

11 Roll to a terminal: TAXI

12 Clickable image: ICON

13 Ice cream holder: CONE

19 On-the-run snack: NOSH

21 Number that's a square of itself: ONE

25 Acadia and Yukon: GMCS

27 Pass idly, as time: KILL

29 Decide (to): OPT

30 Kermit, for one: FROG

31 Estimate words: ORSO

32 Dimitri's denial: NYET

33 Switches to low beams: DIMS

34 Send forth: EMIT

35 Sicilian volcano: ETNA

39 Results: OUTCOMES

40 Himalayan continent: ASIA

41 Nanny's bleat: MAA

42 They're laid in 55-Down: EGGS

44 Black-and-white, say: TWOTONE

47 Mideast sultanate: OMAN

48 Journalist Bly: NELLIE

49 Resistance unit: OHM

50 Annoying person: NOODGE

53 Without a break ... or what each word in 18-, 28-, 46- and 62-Across has: ONEND

54 "__ come as no surprise ... ": ITMAY

55 42-Down holders: NESTS

56 Drama opening: ACTI

57 Title for an earl: LORD

58 Hook's cohort: SMEE

60 Prefix with sphere: IONO

63 East, in Essen: OST

64 White House advisory gp.: NSC

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