LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 22 July 2021

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Los Angeles Times 22 July 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 22 July 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Sprayed in defense: MACED

6 "Your point being?": AND

9 With 65-Down, toon sister of Castor: OLIVE

14 Biscayne Bay city: MIAMI

15 Zen garden swimmer: KOI

16 Richard Parker in "Life of Pi," e.g.: TIGER

17 Critical care MD: ERDOC

18 Tall or dark: Abbr.: ADJ

19 Composer who, as it happens, died in March (1932): SOUSA

20 Browser list: SITES

22 Luke, to Anakin: SON

24 Drops off: NAPS

25 Short jackets worn open in front: BOLEROS

27 Oscar night VIP: NOMINEE

29 Actor Brynner: YUL

30 Poor, as odds: SLIM

32 Offer, as a guess: HAZARD

33 And others, in Lat.: ETAL

35 Broccoli rabe: RAPINI

37 Place to find a date ... and any one of four in this puzzle (circled letters are hints): CORNERSTONE

41 Co-star of Meryl in "Death Becomes Her": GOLDIE

42 Raise, as crops: GROW

45 Executor's charge: ESTATE

48 "__ said!": NUFF

51 Sculpture medium: ICE

52 Author Elmore __: LEONARD

54 Calls the shots: DIRECTS

56 Brand at Petco: IAMS

57 Clue suspect count: SIX

59 Saint __, one of the only two sovereign nations named for women: LUCIA

60 Intimidating look: STARE

62 Civil War prez: ABE

64 "Heaven forbid!": GODNO

66 Hopping mad: HETUP

67 "ASAP!": NOW

68 Strike zone? ALLEY

69 Pasta product suffix: ARONI

70 Pink-slip: AXE

71 Eldest von Trapp child, in the musical: LIESL


1 Tussaud title: Abbr.: MME

2 Ventilates: AIRSOUT

3 Detroit founder: CADILLAC

4 Ham it up: EMOTE

5 Chefs, at times: DICERS

6 Alias letters: AKA

7 Auction actions: NODS

8 City where Grey Poupon originated: DIJON

9 NHL tiebreakers: OTS

10 Putting on a pedestal: LIONIZING

11 Exotic pet: IGUANA

12 "Casino Royale" Bond girl __ Lynd: VESPER

13 Undid: ERASED

21 Costa del __: SOL

23 Like seven Nolan Ryan games: NOHIT

25 Tournament edge: BYE

26 Fathered: SIRED

28 Hand for Julio Iglesias? MANO

31 Bay Area county: MARIN

34 1976 Michael York/Jenny Agutter sci-fi film: LOGANSRUN

36 Ersatz intellectual: PSEUD

38 Membership list: ROTA

39 Phils and Nats: NLERS

40 "Spamalot" co-creator: ERICIDLE

43 Pump numbers: OCTANES

44 Jazz guitarist Montgomery: WES

45 Inventor Otis: ELISHA

46 Two-__: SEATER

47 Part of BLT: TOMATO

49 Chick-__-A: fast-food chain: FIL

50 Not at all spendthrifty: FRUGAL

53 Greece : Artemis :: Rome : __: DIANA

55 Food recall trigger: ECOLI

58 Console with a "360" second generation: XBOX

61 Prefix with gram or graph: EPI

63 Flock female: EWE

65 See 9-Across: OYL

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