LA Times Crossword answers Friday 22 June 2018

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Los Angeles Times 22 June 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 22 June 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 *Sparkling wine: COLD

5 *Classic Chinese dish: PEKING

11 *Defeated incumbent: LAME

15 Trendy berry: ACAI

16 Critter: ANIMAL

17 Natural resources: ORES

18 Fillmore's party: WHIG

19 Hyundai sedan: SONATA

20 Tide table term: NEAP

21 Browning works: SONNETS

23 Pizzeria jarful: OREGANO

25 Martinique, e.g.: ILE

26 Always, in 21-Across: EER

27 *Toon with a speech problem: DAFFY

30 *Goner: DEAD

34 *Charmed one: LUCKY

38 Former owner: EBAY

39 "Not guilty," e.g.: DENIAL

41 Second start? NANO

42 Home security giant: ADT

43 Take into account: REMEMBER

45 Just issued, in Innsbruck: NEU

46 *Bath toy: RUBBER

48 *Fictional uncle of triplets: DONALD

50 Swung about: SLUED

51 Places for notes: PADS

55 Iberian Peninsula city: PORTO

56 Blue: SAD

57 Fit to __: ATEE

58 Mock conclusion? ERY

59 With 69-Across, organizational process implied by eight answers in this puzzle: GETTINGONESDUCKS

65 Either of two Monopoly sqs.: UTIL

66 Like boxers: CANINE

67 Parrilla of "Once Upon a Time": LANA

68 Debussy subject: LUNE

69 See 59-Across: INAROW

70 Self-images: EGOS

71 Overdoes it, with "out": PIGS

72 Lawgivers: SOLONS

73 Son of Eve: SETH


1 Cornfield calls: CAWS

2 Tres y cinco: OCHO

3 Placed: LAIN

4 Give due respect: DIGNIFY

5 Scrapbooker's supply: PASTE

6 Son of 73-Across: ENOS

7 Holiday guests, often: KIN

8 Bread's "Baby __ Want You": IMA

9 Org. led by Jens Stoltenberg: NATO

10 Driving hazard: GLARE

11 Broadway producer's desire: LONGRUN

12 Region: AREA

13 Nasty: MEAN

14 Hockey's Phil, to fans: ESPO

22 Historic Nevada city: ELY

24 Sushi roll fish: EEL

27 Darlings: DEARS

28 Former "Idol" judge: ABDUL

29 Adjective in some diet ads: FATBUSTING

30 JFK or LBJ: DEM

31 Chemical suffix: ENE

32 Intention: AIM

33 Apply carefully: DAB

35 Pet bird's home: CANARYCAGE

36 Lowered oneself? KNELT

37 "Really?": YOUDO

39 German article: DER

40 Was first: LED

43 __-wip: REDDI

44 Cordoned (off): ROPED

47 '60s pop group: BEATLES

49 Free-for-all situation: NORULES

51 2010s Colts head coach Chuck: PAGANO

52 Without a key: ATONAL

53 Hathaway's "The Intern" co-star: DENIRO

54 "As __ TV": SEENON

59 [Yikes!]: GULP

60 Notions case: ETUI

61 CBS maritime drama: NCIS

62 Finishes (up): SEWS

63 Celtic __: KNOT

64 Merit badge site: SASH

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