LA Times Crossword answers Monday 22 June 2020

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Los Angeles Times 22 June 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 22 June 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Transplant to a new container: REPOT

6 Wd. modifying a noun: ADJ

9 Triumphant shouts: TADAS

14 Appliance maker: AMANA

15 CT scan relative: MRI

16 Room on the Clue board: STUDY

17 Boss on a red truck: FIRECHIEF

19 Tuesday fare? TACOS

20 Letters before "Fridays" in a restaurant name: TGI

21 Campus party garb: TOGA

22 Arrange in order: SORT

23 Divisions of history: ERAS

25 Writer of arcade entertainment reviews: GAMECRITIC

29 Detox facility: REHAB

31 Long __ of the law: ARM

32 In the past: AGO

33 Riotous spree: RAMPAGE

37 Per item: APOP

38 Frozen food biggie: MARIECALLENDERS

42 Desktop image: ICON

43 Premier League powerhouse: ARSENAL

44 Progressive spokeswoman: FLO

45 Toward the stern: AFT

46 French fathers: PERES

50 National STEM Competition for middle school visionaries: FUTURECITY

55 Eye care brand: RENU

56 Sword's sharp part: EDGE

57 1857 litigant Scott: DRED

59 Road goo: TAR

60 Super-excited: GIDDY

62 Chinese menu standard, or what's literally found in the circled letters? FRIEDRICE

64 Disney's Little Mermaid: ARIEL

65 Sass: LIP

66 Hilda and Zelda, to TV's Sabrina: AUNTS

67 Category in iTunes: GENRE

68 Employ: USE

69 Dough raiser: YEAST


1 Roofing support: RAFTER

2 Political refugee: EMIGRE

3 Outcast: PARIAH

4 Number of beers that fall off the wall in each round of the song: ONE

5 Diplomat's skill: TACT

6 Latina friend: AMIGA

7 "I Have a __": MLK: DREAM

8 Skippy rival: JIF

9 Noisy weather event, briefly: TSTORM

10 Arcade pioneer: ATARI

11 All-purpose roll: DUCTTAPE

12 Hubbub: ADO

13 Part of CBS: Abbr.: SYS

18 Harley, e.g.: HOG

22 It allows air but keeps out bugs: SCREEN

24 Deadly nerve gas: SARIN

26 Great Seal bird: EAGLE

27 "Young Frankenstein" aide: IGOR

28 Many "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" characters: COPS

30 Sweetie, in slang: BAE

34 Antivirus giant: MCAFEE

35 Medicare Advantage, familiarly: PARTC

36 Pacino and Roker: ALS

37 Sherlock Holmes adversary Irene: ADLER

38 Offend slightly: MIFF

39 Civil rights org.: ACLU

40 Based on, as opinions vis-ˆ-vis faith: ROOTEDIN

41 Daytime snooze: NAP

45 Diamond pattern: ARGYLE

47 Light-sensitive eye layer: RETINA

48 Passes, as laws: ENACTS

49 Most certain: SUREST

51 Part of a cow the milk comes from: UDDER

52 Elba who played Mandela: IDRIS

53 Total rubbish: TRIPE

54 "__-haw!": YEE

58 June 6, 1944: DDAY

60 Gift at a white elephant exchange, say: GAG

61 Wrath: IRE

62 Annual shot target: FLU

63 Parisian street: RUE

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