LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 22 March 2017

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Los Angeles Times 22 March 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 22 March 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "That's enough out of you": CANIT

6 Addams family nickname: TISH

10 Festoons with Charmin, for short: TPS

13 Chicago airport: OHARE

14 Barak of Israel: EHUD

15 __ butter: SHEA

16 Monkey cage discard: BANANAPEEL

18 Phone using a tower: CELL

19 Govt. agency that supports startups: SBA

20 Kettle output: STEAM

21 Ride in the desert: CAMEL

22 Reason for totaling, as an insured car: SEVEREDAMAGE

24 Social ranking: STATUS

27 Many mobile downloads: APPS

28 Coral component: POLYP

29 Cause of some tan lines: BIKINITOP

34 "All Things Considered" co-host Shapiro: ARI

35 Day of song: DORIS

36 Fleece source: EWE

37 Ornate 18th-century genre: ROCOCOART

40 Thyme piece: SPRIG

42 Pre-hurricane emergency op: EVAC

43 Runs after: CHASES

44 Fluffy sun blocker: CUMULUSCLOUD

49 "No one can beat me": IRULE

50 Poker game concern: CHEAT

51 Unit of resistance: OHM

54 Poker at the table? TINE

55 Baseball rarity, and a hint to the vowels in the first words of 16-, 22-, 29-, 37- and 44-Across: TRIPLEPLAY

57 Where buds may go: EARS

58 Right hand: AIDE

59 Meditation teachers: YOGIS

60 "The Affair" network, briefly: SHO

61 Flow with force: SPEW

62 Place on a pedestal: EXALT


1 Corny leftovers: COBS

2 Starbuck's boss: AHAB

3 Child tender: NANA

4 Tax-deferred plan, briefly: IRA

5 Stiffen in fear: TENSEUP

6 Prairie home: TEPEE

7 The Supremes' "__ a Symphony": IHEAR

8 "See if I care!": SUEME

9 Cholesterol letters: HDL

10 Annual Augusta National event: THEMASTERS

11 "Pequod" co-owner: PELEG

12 Room in a maison: SALLE

15 Shrimp dish: SCAMPI

17 Off-roaders, for short: ATVS

21 2-Down's title, informally: CAPN

22 Dirty digs: STY

23 Place of honor: DAIS

24 Prep for a bout: SPAR

25 Big name in riding mowers: TORO

26 Canadian short story writer awarded a Nobel Prize in 2013: ALICEMUNRO

29 Lavish wrap: BOA

30 Discount rack abbr.: IRR

31 First-aid gear: KIT

32 Boo-boo: OWIE

33 Cribbage markers: PEGS

35 Prefix with drama: DOCU

38 Small eggs: OVULES

39 NASCAR's Yarborough: CALE


41 Elbow protector: PAD

43 Mine extraction: COAL

44 Names as a reference: CITES

45 Hater of David, in Dickens: URIAH

46 Rx: SCRIP

47 Reprimand: CHIDE

48 Aggressive cat lover of cartoons: LEPEW

51 Gymnast Korbut: OLGA

52 Flag down: HAIL

53 Classic PC adventure game: MYST

55 Some univ. proctors: TAS

56 Curse: POX

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