LA Times Crossword answers Friday 22 March 2019

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Los Angeles Times 22 March 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 22 March 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Foretold: PRESAGED

9 Biblical spy: CALEB

14 California resort island: CATALINA

15 Let up: ABATED

17 Embattled World War II city: STALINGR

18 Lady of Las Palmas: SENORA

19 Absolutely bonkers: STARKRAVINGM

21 Source of a mole poblano ingredient: CACAO

24 "Now, where __?": WASI

25 Spans often presidentially named: ERAS

26 '60s Hagman co-star: EDEN

28 Turn: GOBAD

33 Rapper __ Wayne: LIL

34 Marble piece: SLAB

35 Czech currency: KORUNA

36 Capital ESE of Kabul: ISLAMAB

38 College student: UNDERGR

39 Partner of Marcus: NEIMAN

40 Zeno's home: ELEA

41 Just out: NEW

42 Log: ENTER

43 Deal preceder: ANTE

44 Place to nosh on a knish: DELI

45 Musician Rundgren: TODD

47 Braves slugger: AARON

48 Nation of Islam leader who was a mentor to Malcolm X: ELIJAHMUHAMM

54 Edible oil: CANOLA

55 Online annoyances needed to complete five puzzle answers: POPUPADS

59 More disturbing, as details: GORIER

60 Licorice-flavored brew: ANISETEA

61 Because: SINCE

62 Demoted to the minors: SENTDOWN


1 Many Chrome runners: PCS

2 Muppet Rizzo, e.g.: RAT

3 Greek vowel: ETA

4 Burrito seller's array: SALSAS

5 Ginsburg associate: ALITO

6 Actress Gershon: GINA

7 Many an RPI grad: ENGR

8 Limited-access internet area: DARKWEB

9 Honduran homes: CASAS

10 He played Fish on "Barney Miller": ABEVIGODA

11 Legal scholar Guinier: LANI

12 "The most private of private schools": Hugh Laurie: ETON

13 Marine threat: BERG

16 It holds water: DAM

20 Bled: RAN

21 2010s Caesars Palace regular, familiarly: CELINE

22 Out of the sack: ARISEN

23 "Heads or tails": CALLIT

26 Vigorous spirit: ELAN

27 Pat: DAB

29 Claim discovery, perhaps: ORE

30 Phone in crime shows: BURNER

31 San __, Texas: ANGELO

32 Tongue-in-cheek award eponym: DARWIN

34 Wisenheimer: SMARTALEC

35 Proposal support? KNEE

37 __ Zion Church: AME

38 Last: Abbr.: ULT

40 Turn into: ENDUPAS

43 Naval brass: Abbr.: ADM

44 Stifled: DAMPED

46 Orchard Field, today: OHARE

47 Not to be missed: AMUST

48 Cardio readout: ECG

49 Indochinese Peninsula nation: LAOS

50 Cross letters: INRI

51 Become part of: JOIN

52 Refine: HONE

53 Could hear __ drop: APIN

56 Volume One words, perhaps: ATO

57 Morning coat? DEW

58 Title of respect, in Tokyo: SAN

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