LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 22 March 2020

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Los Angeles Times 22 March 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 22 March 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Thin coating: FILM

5 Square things: ATONE

10 Hi-tech training site: PCLAB

15 City on the Aare: BERN

19 Palm native to South American swampland: ACAI

20 Precept: TENET

21 Family name in Civil War fiction: OHARA

22 Golfer Aoki: ISAO

23 Roadway closed for repairs? DOWNSTREET

25 Sturdy piece of lumber? SOUNDBOARD

27 "Not interested" feeling: ENNUI

28 Maintain control (over): RIDEHERD

30 Oater orphans: DOGIES

31 Online biz: ETAIL

33 Quirky: ODD

34 Prop for Mr. Monopoly: CANE

35 Hot Wheels maker: MATTEL

38 "Nixon in China" tenor role: MAO

40 Showed up for: ATTENDED

44 Omits an attachment, say: ERRS

45 TV show about Amtrak services? TRAINPROGRAM

50 "Dumbo" actress Green: EVA

51 Stephen of "Counterpart": REA

52 Had a stable baby: FOALED

53 Insignia automaker: OPEL

54 Presentation prop: EASEL

56 __ 5000: annual list of the fastest-growing privately held companies: INC

57 "Stranger Things" actor: ASTIN

58 Despicable sort: TOAD

59 Surface: ARISE

60 Pay attention: TAKENOTE

62 Cold War st.: SSR

63 Pequod co-owner: PELEG

65 HR dept. data: SSNS

66 Cornfield maze, e.g.? LANDPATTERN

70 Agitated state: SNIT

73 Apply to: USEON

75 Mdse. category: IRR

76 "Right this way": FOLLOWME

78 Boiling words: IMMAD

80 PepsiCo-owned chip brand: LAYS

81 Command to start playing: HITIT

82 Choose: OPT

83 Plane part: CABIN

84 Carson's successor: LENO

85 "I won't miss it": NOLOSS

86 Put a nick in: MAR

87 Chemistry suffix: ENE

88 Free-for-all debate? OPENARGUMENT

91 Mother of Ares: HERA

92 Rutted route: DIRTROAD

94 "You're a fine __ to talk": ONE

95 Triathlon segments: EVENTS

97 Address bar letters: HTTP

98 Played for a sap: HAD

100 Guitar-making hardwood: ALDER

102 V8 veggie: CARROT

105 Preempts the following show, perhaps: RUNSLATE

108 Ford named for a legendary flier, briefly: TBIRD

112 Unarmed spy? CLEANAGENT

114 Sidewalk vendor's supply request? STANDORDER

116 They're often scrambled: EGGS

117 Big dos: GALAS

118 Sure rival: ARRID

119 It's near the humerus: ULNA

120 Recipe smidge: DASH

121 Key wood: EBONY

122 Besmirch: TAINT

123 Often-pickled veggie: BEET


1 Lose steam: FADE

2 Quicken's boxed Q, for one: ICON

3 Scotts Turf Builder target: LAWN

4 French social dances: MINUETS

5 NFL pass, complete or not: ATT

6 Gibbs of country: TERRI

7 Ninja Turtles' human pal April __: ONEIL

8 Requirement: NEED

9 Kin of -kin: ETTE

10 Prepared for a selfie: POSED

11 Bit of guitar music notation: CHORD

12 Heap kudos on: LAUD

13 Prince Valiant's son: ARN

14 Statistician's concern: BADDATA

15 Giant in the development of neurological disease therapies: BIOGEN

16 Actor Morales: ESAI

17 Hard to come by: RARE

18 Affirmative actions: NODS

24 Webmaster's creation: SITE

26 Animal-based fertilizer: BONEMEAL

29 Hula __: HOOP

32 "He Was Despised," in Handel's "Messiah": ALTOSOLO

34 PC corner key: CTRL

35 Is worthy of: MERITS

36 Concert venues: ARENAS

37 Incidental music at a race? TRACKNUMBER

38 Personal bearing: MIEN

39 "So?": AND

40 Improved in a barrel: AGED

41 Make sketches of Barbie dolls? DESIGNWOMEN

42 Pre-event periods: EVES

43 Glen relative: DALE

46 Porch furniture material: RATTAN

47 Sci-fi visitor: ALIEN

48 Stick in a cage: ROOST

49 Genre of Vasarely's "Zebra": OPART

52 Twitter follower, often: FAN

55 Recess rebuttal: ARESO

58 Bygone despots: TSARS

61 Advanced French class assignment: ESSAI

63 Positive particle: PROTON

64 Signed up: ENLISTED

67 Krall of jazz: DIANA

68 Richard __, first black "SNL" host: PRYOR

69 IRS convenience: EFILE

71 Convey: IMPART

72 Colorful swimmers: TETRAS

74 Sewer worker in a '50s sitcom: EDNORTON

77 Sgts.' superiors: LTS

78 Like most cupcakes: ICED

79 Salon service with a pedi: MANI

80 Give for a while: LEND

81 __ office: HOME

84 Go for a rebound: LEAP

85 "Sister Act" extra: NUN

89 Thick soup: POTTAGE

90 Jupiter and Mars: GODS

91 Fragrant coating for grilling: HERBRUB

93 Clobber: THRASH

96 Preventative power: VETO

98 Spicy Asian cuisine: HUNAN

99 Pacing, perhaps: ANTSY

100 Gaming pioneer: ATARI

101 Bolshevik leader: LENIN

102 Duped? CCED

103 Bit of plankton: ALGA

104 Short standards? REGS

105 Move, for short: RELO

106 Six-part undergrad exam: LSAT

107 Blade brand: ATRA

109 Not occupied: IDLE

110 Surrealist Magritte: RENE

111 "Phooey!": DRAT

113 Yak it up: GAB

115 "Silent Spring" subj.: DDT

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