LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 22 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 22 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 22 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Give in (to): ACCEDE

7 Tasted or tested: SAMPLED

14 __ Mae: student loan group: SALLIE

15 Mother-of-pearl source: ABALONE

16 "__ I Would Leave You": "Camelot" song: IFEVER

17 One-named singer with the 2002 #1 hit "Foolish": ASHANTI

18 Took the loss: ATEIT

19 Movie critic Roger: EBERT

20 Remarkable things, in old slang: GASSERS

22 Liam who played Schindler: NEESON

26 Runs scored on a solo homer: ONE

27 Implied: TACIT

29 Barn bale: HAY

30 Singer Shore whose name is associated with a major LPGA golf tournament: DINAH

31 Miso soup cube: TOFU

32 Neighborhood social events ... and what the four sets of circles are? BLOCKPARTIES

36 Putin's refusal: NYET

37 S.Pellegrino rival: EVIAN

38 Class-conscious gp.? PTA

39 Quarterback Favre: BRETT

40 "Doubt it": NAH

43 Impediment for Moses: REDSEA

46 Golfer's appointment: TEETIME

48 San __: San Francisco Bay city: MATEO

50 Steel support for concrete: REBAR

51 Against the law: ILLEGAL

54 Opera with Desdemona: OTELLO

55 Spanish rice dishes: PAELLAS

56 Very tired: DONEIN

57 City west of Dallas: ABILENE

58 Names of four of them begin with "New": STATES


1 Italian cheese: ASIAGO

2 Beach robe: CAFTAN

3 John of Monty Python: CLEESE

4 Rock 'n' roller dubbed "The King": ELVIS

5 Like lo-cal regimens, e.g.: DIETETIC

6 Shakespeare's "always": EER

7 Swedish auto: SAAB

8 Not in class today: ABSENT

9 Skiing champ Phil or Steve: MAHRE

10 Baseball's home __: PLATE

11 Chaney of horror: LON

12 Tolkien talking tree: ENT

13 Opus __: "The Da Vinci Code" sect: DEI

19 Prison break fugitive, e.g.: ESCAPER

21 Corporal or private: RANK

23 Pump or boot: SHOE

24 Klutzes: OAFS

25 Manhattan sch.: NYU

28 "No choice for me": IHAVETO

30 URL speck: DOT

31 __ Woodman: Oz traveler: TIN

32 Memory unit: BYTE

33 Show the way: LEAD

34 Baptism or bris: RITE

35 Ore-Ida morsel: TATERTOT

36 "All Things Considered" airer: NPR

39 1942 Philippine battle site: BATAAN

40 Corn kernel: NIBLET

41 Charlotte __: U.S. Virgin Islands capital: AMALIE

42 Cousins of storks: HERONS

44 Bloodhounds follow it: SMELL

45 Two under par: EAGLE

47 "Lovergirl" singer __ Marie: TEENA

49 "Who __ is coming?": ELSE

51 Hoppy brew letters: IPA

52 Research site: LAB

53 Floral ring: LEI

54 Some ER cases: ODS

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