LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 22 May 2018

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Los Angeles Times 22 May 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 22 May 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Far from homogeneous: DIVERSE

8 Fight back: RESIST

14 Threatening: OMINOUS

15 Red hot chili pepper: CAYENNE

16 Bed buyer's concern: COMFORT

17 Still on the plate: UNEATEN

18 Suffix for Gator: ADE

19 Like cactus-friendly climates: ARID

20 "__ making a list ... ": HES

21 Family guy: SON

23 "Oliver Twist" criminal: FAGIN

25 "Sommersby" star Richard: GERE

26 Deeply absorbed: RAPT

27 Clickable pic: ICON

28 Skippy rival: JIF

29 Roadie's load: AMP

30 San Antonio Spurs coach Popovich: GREGG

31 Worth having: OFUSE

34 With 36-Across, mass-produced ... and what each of four black squares in this puzzle is? COOKIE

36 See 34-Across: CUTTER

37 "Spun" tales: YARNS

38 Arm bone-related: ULNAR

41 News letters: UPI

42 Trike rider: TOT

43 Having no slack: TAUT

44 Soft French wheel: BRIE

45 Bump up against: ABUT

47 Coastal flock: TERNS

48 Blues-rocker Chris: REA

49 Somerhalder of "The Vampire Diaries": IAN

50 Two in a row? OARS

51 Prompt on stage: CUE

53 Massage technique meaning "finger pressure" in Japanese: SHIATSU

55 Stocking attachments: GARTERS

59 Rodeo ropes: LASSOES

60 Massachusetts site of Phillips Academy: ANDOVER

61 This one or that one: EITHER

62 Dangerous wave: TSUNAMI


1 Bashful pal: DOC

2 Texter's "If you ask me": IMO

3 Vigor's partner: VIM

4 "Terrible" French kid: ENFANT

5 Crucifix: ROOD

6 Foolproof: SUREFIRE

7 Guinness suffix: EST

8 Carted off to jail: RANIN

9 Looked at closely: EYED

10 "The __ is calm tonight": "Dover Beach" opening: SEA

11 Coming up: INTHEFUTURE

12 Show contempt: SNEER

13 Present perfect, for one: TENSE

15 Saving one's bacon? CURING

19 Really excited: AGOG

21 Polynesian nation: SAMOA

22 One who strikes while the iron is hot: OPPORTUNIST

24 Top pitcher: ACE

25 Birthday present: GIFT

26 Risqué: RACY

28 Soup du __: JOUR

30 Essence: GIST

32 Vintage hue on a photo app: SEPIA

33 Scary-sounding lake: ERIE

35 Nautical speed unit: KNOT

36 Cross-sectional X-rays: CATSCANS

38 Development site: UTERUS

39 Metallica drummer Ulrich: LARS

40 Woman with a habit? NUN

44 Nantes native: BRETON

45 Flier's window alternative: AISLE

46 Iranian faith: BAHAI

47 Stun gun brand: TASER

50 Winnebago relative: OTOE

52 Pakistan's national language: URDU

54 Mt. St. Helens output: ASH

55 Mobster's piece: GAT

56 "2 Fast 2 Furious" actress Mendes: EVA

57 Sleep acronym: REM

58 Indian title: SRI

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